Hospitals 06 July 2021

About the Victorian Health Building Authority - video


IMAGES: an animation of the Victorian Health Building Authority logo displays

Voice-over: We’re the Victorian Health Building Authority

IMAGES: montage of aerial view of Joan Kirner Women and Children’s Hospital; workers erecting signage on the Casey Hospital’s eight level tower; Grampians Prevention and Recovery Centre

Voice-over: And we’re building world-class health facilities right across the state.

IMAGES: an infographic showing rising population graphs across the state; a new Mum with baby; patient at dialysis unit; Sunshine Hospital emergency department; modern hybrid operating theatre

Voice-over: With our population predicted to grow to about 10 million by 2051, that means more people to care for, and a need for modern health services.

IMAGES: workers at a concrete pour at Victorian Heart Hospital; ambulance leaving the station

Voice-over: That’s why we’re upgrading and improving our current health infrastructure

IMAGES: examining an architectural plan; people at a new hospital community information session; health staff examining life size floor plans of new facility

Voice-over: And planning for the future, so we can deliver the right facilities when, and where they’re most needed

IMAGES: aerial view of Victorian Heart Hospital construction; Latrobe Hospital with planned development site outlined; hybrid operating theatre at Northern Hospital; split screen with indigenous man and health workers; aerial view of artist impression of new Footscray Hospital

Voice-over: The Victorian Health Building Authority - building exceptional health infrastructure to support the wellbeing of all Victorians.

A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority logo and the web address

End of transcript.


Last updated: 06 July 2021