Frankston Hospital redevelopment - important parking update
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Hospitals 29 September 2022

Frankston Hospital redevelopment - important parking update

Construction is well underway on the site of the Frankston Hospital redevelopment. To accomodate these works, please be advised a temporary carpark will be in place from Thursday, 29 September.

Changes to parking and hospital access

As construction gets underway, public and staff car parking adjacent to the Emergency Department will be reconfigured.

A new temporary car park with 184 parking spaces is being constructed on the corner of Hastings Road and Yuille Street; see the attached Frankston Hospital car parking map. It is expected to open on Thursday 29 September (weather permitting) and will remain in place while construction of a new multi-deck car park is underway.

The temporary car park will accommodate short-term drop-off and pick-up spaces, longer-term paid public parking and an access-controlled parking area for Peninsula Health staff (accessed via Yuille Street).

Parking and hospital access FAQ

What if I need to access the Emergency Department?

Access to the Emergency Department is unchanged via Gate 2 off Hastings Road. Once within the site, you can use the 15-minute free car spaces for drop-off and pick-up, or you can park in the longer-term paid spaces in the new temporary car park.

This area is clearly marked.

Other public parking is available by following the signs to park near the main hospital entrance.

Where will ambulances park?

There will be no changes to emergency vehicle parking, including Ambulance Victoria vehicles. Two car park spaces will be available for non-emergency patient transport vehicles in the new temporary car park, as well as a covered walkway for unloading and transporting patients.

Access to Day of Surgery (Surgical Services) or Mental Health

Day of Surgery (Surgical Services) access is unchanged via Gate 2 on Hastings Road. Drop-off points will be clearly marked, with parking available in the new temporary car park.

Mental Health access will be via the service road off Yuille Street or via Gate 2 on Hastings Road. Signage will direct you to the entrance.

Will there be parking spaces for people with a disability?

Yes. The temporary car park will provide and signpost accessible spaces for people with a disability. There will also be safe pathways for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, as well as pedestrians with prams.

Is there anywhere else to park at Frankston Hospital?

Yes. The existing public and staff multi-deck car park next to the hospital’s main entrance is still open and is the best place to park for those wanting to enter the main hospital.

Will the new temporary car park have lighting and CCTV?

The temporary car park will have ample lighting and CCTV coverage, as well as regular patrols by security officers.

We are committed to providing a safe parking environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

What if I have a question about car parking?

To contact Peninsula Health, please call 9784 7777 or email

What can I expect?

The speed limit on Yuille Street along the hospital site will be reduced to 40km/h and the bus stop on Yuille Street has been relocated to a new and improved bus stop on High Street. A new pedestrian crossing is operating on Yuille Street.

The existing public and staff multideck carpark adjacent to the hospital main entry (entry through Gate 1) is the best place to park for those wanting to enter the main hospital.

For your safety, please remain alert and follow any signage in place.

Contact us

We will continue to provide you with regular updates as we deliver this essential piece of health infrastructure for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

If you have any questions about the construction of the Frankston Hospital redevelopment, you can now contact the Exemplar Health/Lendlease team on 1800 00 36 77 or at

For questions about services at Frankston Hospital, you can contact Peninsula Health at

Learn more about the Frankston Hospital redevelopment via our dedicated project page, or join our community mailing list.

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Last updated: 29 September 2022