Sustainability 15 April 2019

Progress on track to deliver health system environmental sustainability strategy

Victoria’s first Environmental sustainability strategy progress report shows that 74 per cent of initiatives designed to improve the environmental performance of the state’s health system are operating at ‘expected’ or ‘better than expected’ levels. No projects are flagged as significantly below target.

The report outlines the progress of implementing the Environmental sustainability strategy - Strategic implementation plan 2018–19 action plan, as of 28 February 2019. A full progress report for the 2018–19 year will be published in October 2019.

About the environmental sustainability strategy

The Environmental sustainability strategy sets out the Department of Health and Human Services' commitment to improve both the environmental performance of the health system and create resilience in the face of climate change through system adaptation.

The strategy contains three strategic directions:

  • provide leadership and engage with the sector
  • improve the environmental performance of the health system
  • adapt to a changing climate

The department has established a Strategic Advisory Group to guide the implementation of the strategy involving representatives from:

  • Australian Medical Association
  • Royal Australian College of Surgeons
  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch)
  • Health Purchasing Victoria
  • Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia
  • South West Healthcare
  • Western Health
  • Tallangatta Health Service
  • Global Green and Health Hospitals
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

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Last updated: 15 April 2019