Stage 4 restrictions for construction partners and suppliers
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Project delivery 11 August 2020

Stage 4 restrictions for construction partners and suppliers

Update 18 August 2021: You can view information on restrictions for construction partners and suppliers information here.

Under Stage 4 coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, the Victorian Government has put in place new legal requirements for construction of critical and essential infrastructure and services in metropolitan Melbourne, until at least 13 September 2020.

This is a challenging time for the entire industry and our priority is to ensure workers remain safe and healthy.

Effective immediately, all construction sites must: 

  • have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan in place that is regularly updated 
  • issue Worker Permits for all workers on site under new employer obligations
  • allow no more than one worker per four square metres of enclosed workspace
  • prohibit employees, supervisors and on-site specialists from car-pooling  
  • limit movement of workers between multiple sites
  • observe enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene measures if working between sites.

In addition, site workers must inform their employer if they share accommodation with anyone working at another high-risk workplace.

Under the new legal requirements, large construction sites will be limited to a daily maximum of workers equating to 25 per cent of their baseline workforce, and/or five workers. A large-scale construction site is defined as:

  • more than three storeys high (at completion, excluding basement)
  • a floor size greater than 1,500 m2
  • any office or retail fit-out, or
  • industrial, large format or retail use.

Small scale construction sites (or sites that do not meet the above criteria) must only have five workers plus a supervisor on site at any one time.

All workers count towards the applicable daily worker limit with the exception of workers specifically dedicated to oversight of COVIDSafe functions in the workplace.

Critical State Projects 

In addition to the legal requirements outlined above, the Victorian Government has categorised some of our projects as 'Critical State Projects'. These projects will continue at normal workforce levels, while ensuring strict compliance with COVIDSafe Plans. 

Projects outside metropolitan Melbourne

Projects being delivered in regional Victoria can continue subject to Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions. COVIDSafe Plans are advised for all regional Victorian workplaces.

For more information

We are working closely with construction partners and suppliers to ensure COVIDSafe Plans are compliant and Worker Permits are issued across all of our projects. 

Detailed instructions and information can be found on the Business Victoria business support page, including Permitted Worker Permits and COVIDSafe Plan guidelines.

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Last updated: 11 August 2020