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Project | Health 28 September 2023
28 September 2023

The Victorian Government is redeveloping and expanding the Frankston Hospital.

News | Health 13 September 2023 13 September 2023

A tower crane at the Frankston Hospital redevelopment site has been named ‘Pinkies’ after the hospital's longest running volunteer group.

Newsletter | Health 12 September 2023 12 September 2023

Read every issue of the Frankston Hospital redevelopment e-newsletters.

Article | Mental health 07 August 2023 07 August 2023

Find out how the centres are helping young people experiencing mental health challenges to access mental health support and care.

News | Health 24 July 2023 24 July 2023

Frankston Hospital redevelopment celebrates one year of construction and the start of structural works 

Newsletter | Health 21 July 2023 21 July 2023

We’ll be issuing these newsletters regularly to keep you informed of exciting progress on the site and to introduce you to some of the people working behind the scenes to deliver the bigger and b...

News | Health 09 May 2023 09 May 2023

Frankston Hospital redevelopment and Royal Children’s expansion recognised in international partnership awards

News | Health 02 May 2023 02 May 2023

Through a new traineeship program, eight young First Nations Australians are gaining real experience on the Frankston Hospital redevelopment.

News | Health 19 April 2023 19 April 2023

A site has been announced for a new multi-million-dollar early parenting centre in Hastings.

News | Health 11 April 2023 11 April 2023

The first tower crane is now on site and new hoarding artwork, featuring design images and a construction viewing window, has been installed.