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Article | Health 02 October 2023 02 October 2023

See how the Victorian Health Building Authority is making significant progress in reducing environmental impacts.

Article | Resources 07 August 2023 07 August 2023

All new State Government projects that have not yet reached the design stage must be all-electric.

Newsletter | Health 23 May 2023 23 May 2023

Read about what we've been up to in May.

Article | Health 26 August 2022 26 August 2022

We spoke to Tiernan Humphrys, VHBA’s Environmental Sustainability Manager, about designing health infrastructure with sustainability in mind.

Program | Health 15 August 2022
15 August 2022

The Regional Health Solar Fund was a $13.5 million initiative to install solar panels in regional and rural health services throughout Victoria.

Article | Health 03 June 2022 03 June 2022

World Environment Day is on 5 June. Learn how we’re reducing the environmental impacts of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

News | Resources 22 October 2021 22 October 2021

The Guidelines for sustainability in capital works were revised in October 2021. They set the sustainability standards and expectations for all public healthcare capital works in Victoria.

Guideline | Resources 22 October 2021 22 October 2021

Our sustainability guidelines provide advice and guidance on how to build sustainable and resilient buildings. They are relevant to all stakeholders involved in the design, construction and refur...

News | Health 13 August 2021 13 August 2021

Over the past two years, overall carbon emissions from energy use in the Victorian health system have dropped 6.2 per cent.

News | Health 28 July 2021 28 July 2021

The Victorian Budget 2020-21 is investing $1.22 billion for health infrastructure projects and grants across the state.