Article | Mental health 09 October 2023 09 October 2023

We're delivering better mental health treatment, care, and support for all Victorians.

Article | Health 02 October 2023 02 October 2023

See how the Victorian Health Building Authority is making significant progress in reducing environmental impacts.

Article | Health 28 September 2023 28 September 2023

This World Heart Day, one of the Victorian Heart Hospital’s first patients shares her experience being treated at Australia’s first standalone cardiac hospital.

Article | Aged care 18 September 2023 18 September 2023

Meeting aged care needs locally is helping keep community ties strong in Cobram

Article | Health 04 September 2023 04 September 2023

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women. This Women's Health Week, we're checking in on how we're improving women's heart health.

Article | Resources 07 August 2023 07 August 2023

All new State Government projects that have not yet reached the design stage must be all-electric.

Article | Mental health 07 August 2023 07 August 2023

Find out how the centres are helping young people experiencing mental health challenges to access mental health support and care.

Article | Aged care 19 June 2023 19 June 2023


Article | Aged care 19 June 2023 19 June 2023

Bằng cách tập trung vào nhu cầu của cư dân trong các cơ sở chăm sóc người cao niên công cộng, chúng tôi có thể tạo ra một môi trường hỗ trợ giúp nâng cao sức khỏe và phát huy sự độc lập.

Article | Aged care 19 June 2023 19 June 2023

Εστιάζοντας στις ανάγκες των τροφίμων στις δημόσιες μονάδες φροντίδας ηλικιωμένων, μπορούμε να δημιουργήσουμε ένα υποστηρικτικό περιβάλλον που ενισχύει την ευεξία και προάγει την ανεξαρτησία.