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Hospitals and other health facilities are run by health services.

Patients and visitors: Please contact your health service if you have a query, feedback or complaint about an appointment, facility or staff member.

You can also provide feedback or complaints about health services on the Department of Health website.

How to get in touch with VHBA

General enquiries
Community members: If you have a question or feedback about the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) or our projects, please complete the below form or email vhba@health.vic.gov.au.

Working with us
Industry: For information about how you can work with us or support VHBA projects, please visit our procurement page or email vhba@health.vic.gov.au.

Media queries
Journalists: Please email the Department of Health’s media team at press@health.vic.gov.au.


  • 222 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

By mail:

  • GPO Box 4057
    Melbourne, Victoria, 3001



Victorian Health Building Authority
  • Location
  • 222 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Last updated: 27 June 2024

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