Technical guidelines

Our technical guidelines provide information to assist health services, consultants and contractors to effectively manage the risk and performance of Victoria’s public health facilities.

The following technical guidelines are available from the documents section at the bottom of the page:

Asset management


Engineering guidelines for healthcare facilities:

  • Volume 1 – Fundamentals (HTG-2020-001)
  • Volume 2 – Electrical and lighting (HTG-2020-002)
  • Volume 3 – Data, comms and security (HTG-2020-003)
  • Volume 4 – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HTG-2020-004)
  • Volume 5 – Fire and hydraulics (HTG-2020-005)
  • Volume 6 – Specialist healthcare engineering and provisions (HTG-2020-006)
  • Reference tables 1 and 2
  • Reference table 3

Health technical advice


Hospital heliport flight path protection - Technical helipad flight path reports

Metropolitan helipads:

Regional helipads:



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Last updated: 15 February 2024