Isolation rooms | Health Technical Advice
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Technical guidelines 21 July 2020

Isolation rooms | Health Technical Advice

This Health Technical Advice (HTA-2020-004) provides guidance to health agency staff and engineers on the types of isolation rooms available and the patients they are best suited for. This includes guidance on when an isolation room should be used for a COVID-19 patient.

In many health care facilities, patients who are known to or suspected of posing a risk of transmitting certain infectious micro-organisms are physically isolated from other persons.

Physical isolation ceases when the patient is no longer capable of transmitting infection or an alternative diagnosis is made.

The document also provides links to additional technical resources on the design and usage of isolation rooms.

This Health Technical Advice includes:

  • What is an isolation room?
  • How does an isolation room work?
  • What are the key components of an isolation room?
  • When is an isolation room to be used for a COVID-19 patient?
  • What guidance is available on isolation rooms?

Please note: This document has been prepared as a guide and for information purposes only. No legal obligation for any loss, damage or expense is incurred by any person relying on the information provided.

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Last updated: 18 January 2022