Reporting solar photovoltaic data
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Technical guidelines 21 July 2020

Reporting solar photovoltaic data

This guidance note details the technical specification required for the capture and reporting of on-site solar data via online environmental data management systems (EDMS).

The installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is common practice during the construction and expansion of healthcare capital projects, as well as retrofitting on existing healthcare facilities.

The Victorian Health Building Authority requires:

  • automated capture of nett generation data from on-site solar PV systems
  • reporting into the online EDMS regardless of how the solar PV system is funded.

This reporting is configured through the inverter. Inverters installed after 2015 should have the capability to meet the requirements. Where older inverters do not have the capability to meet the requirements, reporting can be delayed until the inverter is replaced.

This guidance note includes:

  • Step 1: inform VHBA of your solar PV system details
  • Step 2: setting up solar array on the EDMS
  • Step 3: configure the inverter(s) to export data
    • transmission methodology
    • example of a seven-day extract
    • emailing exported data
    • example of data extraction methods
  • Step 4: test data upload and reporting

A Word format version of these guidelines is available upon request from

Learn more about environmental sustainability in healthcare via our dedicated resources page.


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Last updated: 27 July 2020