Hospitals 29 June 2022

Behind the build: Healthcare facilities across Victoria

The Victorian Health Building Authority is responsible for the planning and delivery of the Victorian Government’s multibillion-dollar health infrastructure program.

Our work includes planning and building:

  • new hospitals
  • ambulance stations
  • aged care facilities
  • mental health facilities.

We also redevelop hospital facilities, as well as replace and upgrade engineering infrastructure and medical equipment.

See how our infrastructure projects and programs come together across the state to support world-class healthcare for all.

Look behind the scenes

Bendigo Hospital – five years on

Construction of the $630 million Bendigo Hospital was completed in June 2018, and it has forever changed the skyline of the city of Bendigo.

Life-saving equipment for Victorian hospitals

Having the latest life-saving medical equipment is vital for health services so they can continue providing world-class healthcare for all Victorians.

Modular construction in healthcare design

Modular construction can reduce costs and speed up construction times, allowing facilities to open earlier and treat patients faster.

Expanding a busy major hospital

Explore how we expanded the busy Monash Medical Centre emergency department to help treat more people needing emergency care.

Illustration of community members engaging with a VHBA project

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Last updated: 28 June 2022