Broadford Community Health Centre redevelopment
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Broadford Community Health Centre redevelopment

Location 72 Ferguson Street, Broadford, Victoria, 3658, Australia

The $3.7 million redevelopment of Nexus Primary Health’s Broadford Community Health Centre was completed in August 2020.

Funded via the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, the project enables more community health services to be delivered to the rapidly growing Broadford community.

The redevelopment has increased consulting spaces from seven to 23. The spaces include purpose-built general practice treatment rooms, multi-use consulting rooms and larger paediatric consulting spaces for the delivery of paediatric allied health and counselling services.

A contemporary office with 20 more workstations was also delivered to accommodate increasing staff numbers.

The $490 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund is the largest grant program of its kind in Victorian history. It provides vital government funding to rural and regional public health and residential aged care services across Victoria. This funding enables these services to continue to provide safe and efficient care to local communities.

The Broadford Community Health Centre redevelopment delivered:

Sixteen multi-use consulting rooms that are all disability accessible, including:

  • purpose-built general practice treatment rooms including wound clinic
  • dedicated spaces for specialist visiting medical and allied health services
  • paediatric consulting spaces for paediatric allied health and counselling services
  • multi-purpose room for training and community exercise
  • therapeutic spaces for children and adults
  • multi-purpose community room for special interest groups.

Remodelled office area for greater staff capacity, including:

  • 20 ergonomically appropriate workstations
  • new meeting, breakout and quite rooms
  • more toilets
  • new spatial design for improved access for staff and clients.

The Broadford Community Health Centre redevelopment aimed to achieve the following benefits:

More services to meet demand

The redevelopment increased consulting spaces from seven to 23, increasing capacity to offer more services for this growing community. Purpose-built consulting rooms also enables mental health and legal services to be offered for the first time.

Better access

The new consulting spaces and waiting areas are compliant with disability access standards, ensuring equitable access for the whole community.

Dedicated spaces for children

A new children’s waiting will provide increased comfort for families attending the centre. Purpose-built therapeutic spaces are also available for children.

Better for the environment

The redevelopment included energy efficiency climate control, providing consistent temperatures throughout the building, which contributes to reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.

Improved working areas for staff

The project aimed to significantly improve existing working areas and provide more capacity for staff and medical professionals attending the centre. This included 20 ergonomically designed workstations and accessible staff bathrooms.

Funding for this project was administered by the Victorian Health Building Authority through the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund. This project was delivered by Nexus Primary Health in partnership with Interite (builder and architect).

Broadford Community Health Centre redevelopment
  • Location
  • 72 Ferguson Street
    Broadford, Victoria, 3658, Australia
  • Mail
  • 1300 77 33 52

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Last updated: 05 November 2020