Grampians Therapeutic Community
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Grampians Therapeutic Community

The $6 million Grampians alcohol and other drug treatment facility project was completed in February 2019. The facility provides residential rehabilitation services to approximately 80 people a year.

Based in Eureka, Ballarat, this 20-bed facility provides residential rehabilitation services to approximately 80 people a year.

The project is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to double the number of residential beds for drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services in regional and rural Victorian communities.

The Grampians Therapeutic Community project was completed in two stages:

Stage 1 construction

  • seven residential rehabilitation beds
  • administration, dining and consulting facilities.

Stage 2 construction

  • 13 residential rehabilitation beds
  • activity areas
  • outdoor areas and landscaping.

The Grampians Therapeutic Community project aimed to achieve the following benefits:

Access to specialist treatment and care

The facility provides access to residential rehabilitation services which is helping to reduce the number of alcohol and other drug overdose-related emergency department presentations.

The centre is helping reduce waiting times for residential rehabilitation services, which is helping to improve the likelihood of clients completing their treatment.

Services closer to home

Regionally based alcohol and other drug residential rehabilitation services are supporting more Victorians by providing access to essential treatment closer to home.

More treatment capacity

The facility provides the capacity for more individuals and families to access treatment that could help to reduce the negative impact of drugs and alcohol on the community.

This project was delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership with:

  • Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery
  • Bamford Architects
  • SJ Weir (builder).

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Last updated: 30 March 2019