Mildura alcohol and other drugs treatment facility
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Mildura alcohol and other drugs treatment facility

The Victorian Government is investing $36 million to deliver an alcohol and other drugs treatment facility in Mildura.

The new 30-bed adult residential rehabilitation facility will provide 24-hour care and support in a therapeutic and home-like environment. It will feature consulting, staff and support spaces along with kitchen, dining, lounge and activity areas.

People living in Mildura and the Mallee will be able to access specialist treatment sooner, without the need to travel long distances or leave local support networks.

Once complete, the facility is expected to support around 300 people each year.

The Mildura alcohol and other drugs treatment facility project will deliver:

  • a 30-bed residential rehabilitation facility
  • two extra beds to support members of the community going through withdrawal
  • consulting, staff and support areas
  • shared spaces including kitchen, dining, lounge and activity areas
  • outdoor deck and landscaped areas.

The Mildura alcohol and other drugs treatment facility project aims to achieve the following benefits:

Increasing capacity in regional Victoria

Increased investment in residential rehabilitation beds in Victoria will provide more access and support to local communities.

Once complete, the Mildura facility is expected to support around 300 people each year.

Relieving pressure on the hospital system

The Victorian Government is rapidly expanding access to residential rehabilitation services across Victoria.

This will create more access to specialist treatment where it’s needed most, reduce pressure on the hospital system, and improve access to treatment for people who may struggle to attend community-based services.

Support closer to home

The new facility will provide treatment and support to the local Mildura and surrounding communities - reducing the need for local residents to travel to Adelaide, Bendigo or metropolitan Melbourne for treatment, care and support.

Jobs for Victorians

The project is expected to create and sustain more than 100 construction industry jobs.

What is residential rehabilitation?

Residential rehabilitation is a treatment option for people who have already started their journey to recover from alcohol and drug issues.

Services provide 24-hour supervision by qualified staff in a live-in program that typically emphasises self-help and peer work. This supports reintegration into community living.

Who can access residential rehabilitation services?

Alcohol and other drug problems are complex, affecting not just individuals but their families, friends and the community.

People accessing drug treatment in Victoria go through intake, comprehensive assessment and treatment as part of their recovery journey. A range of state-funded community-based and residential treatment options are available, including counselling, withdrawal, rehabilitation, care and recovery coordination and pharmacotherapy.

Residential rehabilitation programs are offered to people who have not successfully reduced or overcome their substance use issues through other alcohol and other drug treatment programs.

Who are services available to?

Residential rehabilitation facilities and services can be accessed by anyone in Victoria. Having a new facility in the Mallee region means that locals will have the option to access services closer to home, family and their support networks.

How long is the average stay?

The average stay for a person undergoing residential rehabilitation is three months. During this time, people engage in activities that support lasting behavioural change, social and life skills development and relapse prevention, including counselling and group work.

Will the new residential rehabilitation facility change the character of the neighbourhood?

People in residential rehabilitation often take part in projects to improve the neighbourhood, like gardening, planting trees or making art.

At other Victorian locations with residential rehabilitation services, there has been a positive effect on the local area and participants can become strongly engaged in the community.

How will the facility be staffed?

The residential rehabilitation service will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This project is being delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority.

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Last updated: 03 February 2023