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Hospitals 10 October 2018

Bendigo Hospital: workforce and local economy boost

The new Bendigo Hospital is the largest regional infrastructure development in Victoria’s history.

The project directly impacted the local economy in Bendigo and the greater region and provided a number of employment opportunities.

During construction, the project created a number of jobs with 5,000 workers inducted onto the project and a peak of 1,000 construction workers on site during Stage One.

Bendigo Health is now the largest employer outside Melbourne and Geelong.

See how this $640 million project created new jobs and greater opportunities for the people of Bendigo and the Loddon Mallee region.

Learn more about the Bendigo Hospital via our dedicated project page. 


[IMAGES: Bob Cameron, the Chair of Bendigo Health, is shown talking to the camera. The façade of the Bendigo Hospital is shown, as well as a central atrium, with lots of people moving around the building. People are shown waiting for the train on a platform at Bendigo station.]

BOB CAMERON: Bendigo Health is now the largest employer outside Melbourne and Geelong. We’ve seen big growth because of this project and we will continue to see, as more people from the region come to Bendigo Health, rather than go Melbourne.

[IMAGES: Michele Morrison, the CEO of Exemplar Health, is shown talking to the camera. We are shown scenes from around Bendigo – families in the park, a fountain and a trendy cafe. 

MICHELE MORRISON: As part of working regionally, we were well aware that we needed to involve the people, not just with information but to get it physically involved in the building. So, employing a number of people that work for Bendigo, you’d go up the street on the weekend and they’d all be talking about it or I’d go to the hairdresser and the hairdresser’s husband would be working on the project. It was all over the place. 

[IMAGES: Construction workers are shown helping to build the Bendigo Hospital. Two huge cranes are also shown. Onscreen facts read: 2.5 million work hours to build; and 1,000 workers on site at peak.]

MICHELE MORRISON: Our consortium boosts local jobs by employing probably five or six contractors directly. Big Hill Cranes did all the craning work on the site and the bridge link is a wonderful example where Bendigo Engineering actually did the full design and installation of the bridge link. The major structure and service contract, such as form 700, mechanical contractors, electrical contractors, hydraulic and fire engineering contractors employed a lot of people from Bendigo.

[IMAGES: Liz Hamilton, the Executive Director of Bendigo Health, is shown talking to the camera. We are shown the façades of Monash University and La Trobe University. Medical students are shown consulting and a person is shown taking a package out of a refrigerator.]

LIZ HAMILTON: We also are within the academic precinct, so you’ve got the academic organisations – Monash University, Latrobe University – all connected on the one site together, which I think has been a great achievement that we’ve been able to get with this new hospital. I think one of the key things that is achieved by having the universities on the same site is the students that do come through the universities that gives us the option for the workforce into the future. They’re also learning in the environment they may be practicing in in the future, so they’re using the technology that we’re using, but also the university has the opportunity for research that comes our way because of the fact that they are located and working alongside us on this site.

[IMAGES: Bob Cameron is shown talking to the camera. A group of people of all different ages stands in front of a ute holding signs that say “hash tag give back”. We are shown three marathon runners smiling and posing for a photo. People in scrubs are shown consulting with each other.]

BOB CAMERON: Twelve years ago, we committed to the master planning, which we now see the end result of and the community has been so supportive along the way because this project has made Bendigo a major centre. It’s transformed the city. We’ve now got so many more people working in the city and people look to us across the entire region.

[IMAGES: Margaret O’Rourke, the Mayor of the City of Greater Bendigo, is shown talking to the camera. Then the façade of the Bendigo Hospital is shown.]

MARGARET O’ROURKE: The Bendigo hospital is more than a hospital. It’s based in Bendigo but it’s a regional hospital and there’s no boundaries. People that work at Bendigo Health don’t always live in Bendigo. They live outside of Bendigo and I think that that’s what’s so good about this project. That it’s not just about Bendigo but it’s about the region. You know, we want to be the world’s most liveable community and you have to have world-class healthcare around that and I think we’re on that journey.

[IMAGES: The screen fades to white and text appears which says: ‘Produced in partnership with Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Victoria State Government. Additional footage provided by NDY’. The next screen says: ‘Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority, Victorian State Government, vhhsba.vic.gov.au’. The next screen says: ‘Authorised by the Department of Health and Human Services 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Spoken by M. Morrison, M.O’Rourke, B. Cameron and L. Hamilton’.]

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