Hamer Hall unveils new Changing Places facility
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Disability 12 March 2019

Hamer Hall unveils new Changing Places facility

Melbourne's newest Changing Places facility has been officially opened at Hamer Hall. Now people of all ages and abilities can relax and enjoy their visit to the arts precinct and Melbourne's CBD knowing their needs will be met.

This opening gives advocates like Brendan and Michael, along with their families, a new sense of independence.

"It means coming to this precinct as a family is more doable than it's ever been, and we won't be separated by invisible barriers. Brendan will be able to access his own entertainment without us being present”
Di McCarthy, mother to Brendan

Continuing to lead the way both nationally and internationally, Victoria is taking big steps to make public places more accessible and inclusive using universal design principles.

Located on level 3 of Hamer Hall near the south lift, this Changing Places facility features a height adjustable adult change table, a ceiling hoist and a peninsula toilet with enough space for two people on either side. The facility will be available during the Art Centre's extensive opening hours.

Supporting the 326,400 Victorians with high support and complex needs, the Changing Places program forms part of the Victorian Government’s ‘Absolutely everyone: State disability plan 2017-20 which looks to create more inclusive communities.

The Victorian Government has provided $2.6 million to fund a network of 26 Changing Places facilities, including this one, to enable people with a disability to access recreational and tourist attractions, parks, community spaces, entertainment and sporting venues.

You can learn more about the rollout of the Changing Places initiative via our dedicated project page.

Locations of all currently open facilities, building specifications and guidelines can be found on the national Changing Places website.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019