Join the New Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee – applications now open
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Hospitals 24 June 2022

Join the New Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee – applications now open

We’re calling on people from Melton and surrounds to join the community consultative committee. Help shape the new Melton Hospital – Victoria’s first fully electric hospital.

The New Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee will be chaired by Member for Melton, Steve McGhie. Expressions of interest to join the committee are now open and will close at 11.59 pm, Sunday 24 July.

The committee will include:

  • representatives from Western Health as the operator of the new hospital
  • representatives from Melton City Council
  • a diverse cross-section of the community, to ensure local views and ideas are incorporated into the planning of this important facility.

What does a community consultative committee do?

Community consultative committees help support the planning of new hospital projects.

Their role is to:

  • provide feedback on local community health and social needs
  • represent the community’s diverse views
  • comment on emerging issues, opportunities and priorities of the local community.


Project update

Early site preparation works have already kicked off with the extension of Bridge Road to the south of the site by Melton City Council.

Engagement has begun with utility authorities to facilitate power, telecommunications, stormwater, gas and other utility infrastructure. These connections will service the new Melton Hospital site as well as the development of the broader precinct.

The new Melton Hospital will be delivered as a public private partnership (PPP). A private consortium will be responsible for the design, construction, finance, and delivery of facilities management for the new facility for a period of 25 years.

The new hospital is being funded with more than $900 million in the Victorian Budget 2022-23.

Learn more about the new Melton Hospital via our new project page.

New Melton Hospital - Community Consultative Committee

Voiceover: The Victorian Government has committed over 900 million dollars to deliver a new Melton Hospital

Images: An animation of a planning document for the new Melton Hospital.

Voiceover: and planning is well underway.

Images: Animation of planners both on site and in the office, with text ‘Services/Master Planning’.

Voiceover: To help shape the project,

Images: Animation of a Business Case and calendar with text ‘Business Case’ and ‘Hospital funded in State Budget 2022/23’.

Voiceover: We're now calling on locals to have their say by joining the new Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee.

Images: Animation of people conversing at a community engagement event, and inside a community facility, with text ‘Community Engagement’ and ‘New Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee’.

Voiceover: The committee will ensure local voices and ideas are heard to inform the ongoing planning of the new Melton Hospital.

Images: Animation of the Committee at a round table and whiteboard discussing plans and designs.

Voiceover: Victoria's first fully-electric hospital, the new Melton Hospital will include

Images: Artist impression of the new hospital, flanked by animated solar panels and a powerboard.

Voiceover: a 24-hour emergency department, more than 100 medical and surgical beds, an intensive care unit,

Images: Montage of animations depicting paramedics with a patient; doctor talking to child patient with his parents; intensive care unit;

Voiceover: maternity and neonatal services, mental health services, radiology services and ambulatory care.

Images: Montage of animations depicting a male pushing his partner in a wheelchair holding a new baby; two people talking on a park bench; patient and doctor looking at an x-ray; nurse assisting older patient with a walker.

Voiceover: Expressions of interest to join the committee are now open. Visit the Victorian Health Building Authority website to apply.

Images: Animation of a person looking at the expression of interest application on their home computer.

The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victorian Government logo.

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Last updated: 24 June 2022