Monash Telehealth links top kids' surgeons to Gippsland
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Regional facilities 13 November 2017

Monash Telehealth links top kids' surgeons to Gippsland

Doctors treating the sickest children at the new $73 million Latrobe Regional Hospital will now have a direct video link to world leading experts in paediatric care thanks to Victorian-first telehealth technology.

Telehealth provides a direct and live video link from Monash Children’s Hospital to regional operating theatres and emergency departments.

“This modern technology is all about making sure kids in Gippsland can access the very best care,” says Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing.

Doctors at Latrobe Regional Hospital will be able to get the very best advice and support from Monash Children’s Hospital’s leading paediatric surgeons when they need it, quickly and securely online.

The Telehealth service will deliver faster diagnosis and support better decision making for complex surgical paediatric cases.

It will free up ambulances by reducing avoidable patient transfers to Melbourne and reduce travel time and costs for families.

Latrobe Regional Hospital doctors will also be able to use the technology for professional development including being able to view operations at Monash Children’s Hospital and join seminars. This will help attract and retain skilled doctors to Latrobe Regional Hospital.

The Victorian Government is providing more than $500,000 towards the project.

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Last updated: 13 November 2017