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New Footscray Hospital pedestrian footbridge connects health and education

The new Footscray Hospital now has a direct link to Victoria University, following the installation of a new pedestrian footbridge.

Spanning Ballarat Road, the 57-metre-long elevated footbridge was carefully craned into place. Once complete, it will connect the new hospital’s education and research centre with Victoria University’s Footscray Park Campus, boosting access to education and research opportunities.

Enhancing access to world class education and research

The new pedestrian footbridge will provide a direct connection to the new Footscray Hospital for Victoria University students, staff, visitors, and the public.

Victoria University will use the research and education centre dedicated for health and medical training including, research and learning for students studying:

  • nursing and midwifery
  • physiotherapy
  • speech pathology
  • dietetics, biomedicine, and psychology.

The bridge, which will include First Nations artwork into the interior, weighs 120 tonnes and requires 80 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

New Footscray Hospital pedestrian footbridge connects health and education

[Text on screen: The new Footscray Hospital is at the heart of a new health and education precinct for Melbourne’s West]

[Images: Time lapse footage of the bridge being lifted into place via a large crane]

[Text on screen: A new 57-metre public pedestrian footbridge has been installed over Ballarat Road connecting the hospital with Victoria University’s Footscray Park campus]

[Images: Early morning time lapse footage of the crane and counterweights being assembled on a closed off section of Ballarat Road, followed by aerial view of the bridge and crane at sunrise]  

[Text on screen: Weighing 120 tonnes, the footbridge provides students, staff and visitors with a direct link between Victoria University and the new hospital’s dedicated health and education centre]

[Images: worker on a platform connecting bridge section to crane chains and bridge being moved into position]

[Images: time lapse footage of bridge being lifted, turned and installed in place between the new Footscray Hospital and Victoria University]

[Images: aerial views of the bridge being installed, and a final shot of the bridge in place seen from the air with the CBD in the background]

[Text on screen: Your new Footscray Hospital is on track to open in 2025]

[a sliding transition screen with the text ‘In partnership with Western Health (logo); Plenary Health (logo) and Victoria University (logo)]

[Images: A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos and the URL]

End of transcript.

Your new Footscray Hospital

The internal fit-out of the new Footscray Hospital continues, including internal construction of the operating theatres in the main hospital building, with the installation of services and boundary walls.

Located on the corner of Geelong and Ballarat roads, the new Footscray Hospital will support the increasing demand from Melbourne’s booming western suburbs, ensuring families can get the care they need close to home.

Your new Footscray Hospital is on track to open in 2025.  Find out more by visiting our new Footscray Hospital project page.

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