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Hospitals 17 March 2022

Celebrating Melbourne Design Week 2022 - Designing for good

March 17-27 is Melbourne Design Week!

In 2022, Melbourne Design Week explores the theme ‘Design the world you want’ through two pillars: civic good and making good.

  • Civic good: Design and creativity can transform aspects of society by benefiting everyone rather than individuals.
  • Making good: The value of a design is not only judged through its functional or aesthetic impact, but also on its environmental and social impact on the planet.

To celebrate Melbourne Design Week 2022, we’re exploring how the Victorian Health Building Authority aligns with these pillars in designing health facilities to meet the needs of Victorians.

The Victorian Health Building Authority is responsible for the planning, delivery and oversight of Victoria’s health infrastructure - including public hospitals, community health services, residential aged care, mental health facilities and ambulance branches across the state.

We work with the health sector and industry partners to provide specialist expertise in health facility design and planning, architecture, engineering, construction, project management, property and asset management.

Together, we create vibrant and healthy places to support the wellbeing of all Victorians.

Learn how we're designing for good

Designing for cultural safety

Using good design principles, we can work together to create culturally safe health environments for Aboriginal people.

Designing for dementia

Good design can help us create a more homelike, meaningful and supportive environment for people with dementia.

Designing to support autistic children

Autistic children have different sensory needs, which can make visiting an emergency department overwhelming.

Designing sustainable health infrastructure

Sustainable buildings can help us lower impacts on the environment, reduce operating costs and provide a healthier environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Designing for young people with mental ill health

We explore how good design principles translate into the build of mental health facilities for young people.

About Melbourne Design Week

Melbourne Design Week celebrates design in an annual program of events across Melbourne.

The program champions design across a broad range of disciplines and is a platform for people to come together and share ideas on how design can be used as a force for good.

Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government. The program is curated and organised by the National Gallery of Victoria.

Learn more about Melbourne Design Week.

Illustration of community members engaging with a VHBA project

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