Recorded webinar: Regional Health Infrastructure Fund 22-23 funding round

The 2022-23 funding round opened on 17 June and closed on 22 July 2022. Funding allocations are expected to be announced in late September 2022.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn about the changes to the fund, application requirements and how to best position an application for success.

01 July 2022

11.00 am - 12.00 pm

via Microsoft Teams

About this event

The 2022-23 funding round opened 5.00 pm, Friday 17 June 2022 and closed at 5.00 pm, Friday 22 July 2022.

This online event provided an overview the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF) 2022-23 guidelines, with an opportunity to ask questions during the session.

It was targeted at regional Victorian public sector health services and agencies who are eligible for funding under the RHIF program (see Appendix 1 within the guidelines).

We encouraged people involved in preparing submissions to view the webinar recording and learn about the differences in the fund this year, application requirements and how to best position their application for success.

Full details regarding the funding round can be found in the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund – Guidelines with supporting information available via Frequently asked questions. A summary of information is provided on the RHIF program page.

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    Rob Knox, Director Sustaining and Enhancing Capital, Victorian Health Building Authority
    00.13    Welcome & introduction
    05.58    History of RHIF funding
    07.25    Future funding
    10.26    Key objectives for RHIF 2022-23
    12.49    Eligible Health Services (refer to Appendix 1 of the RHIF 22-23 Guidelines)
    13.29    Eligible projects
    14.54    Ineligible and excluded items
    17.44    RHIF Guidelines – What’s new and important
    19.51    Stream Funding – Stream 1 – Projects ready for implementation
    21.33    Stream Funding – Stream 2 – Planning or design development projects
    23.36    Notional cash flow
    25.45    Sustainability

    Gerard Kennedy, Acting Programme Manager Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, Victorian Health Building Authority
    27.14    Application process - SmartyGrants
    28.43    Application form overview
    36.53    Lesson learned – Cost contingency and timeframes
    38.12    Key application requirements
    41.45    Evaluation process
    43.34    Evaluation – criteria and scoring
    46.25    Key dates

    Rob Knox, Director Sustaining and Enhancing Capital, Victorian Health Building Authority
    47.19    Successful submissions
    50.04    Resources and application assistance details
    50.28    Question and answers
    57.00    Thank you
    58.50    Close


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    Last updated: 25 July 2022