South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care facility
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South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care facility

Location 14-24 Moore Street, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280, Australia

The South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) centre is South West Victoria’s new dedicated prevention and recovery care service for people experiencing mental illness.

The centre helps people who are unwell or recovering from an acute mental illness. It offers professional care in a modern, home-like environment.

The new facility is named Ngootyoong, an Aboriginal word that means new, fresh, healthy, and strong. Ngootyoong aims to boost local services and mental health partnerships within the community, and to ease pressure on other local health services.

This centre is now one of 20 Prevention and Recovery care facilities operating across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Prevention and Recovery Care centres are part of the Victorian Government’s $325.7 million investment in mental health services outlined in the 10-year Mental Health Plan.

The South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care centre provides recovery-based mental health services in a home-like environment.

Warrnambool was chosen as the location for this facility as it is a major regional centre experiencing increasing demand for mental health services. The facility includes:

  • 10 mental health beds
  • large communal kitchen and dining/living areas
  • therapeutic garden and outdoor spaces
  • associated services.

The South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care centre aims to deliver the following benefits:

Recovery-oriented treatment and support

This facility provides treatment and support in a residential setting with a focus on recovery. It operates on a community-based model, supporting people with mental health issues on their journey to recovery. They receive early intervention support and clinical treatment with a focus on getting better. 24-hour support is available from clinicians and support staff.

Reducing hospital admissions and length of stay

Prevention and recovery care centres provide a step up and step down model of care. They provide early intervention for people who are unwell (step up) and a community-based treatment option for people in the early stages of recovery from a mental illness and need a short period of extra support (step down).

The South West Healthcare PARC centre helps patients to strengthen and recover from their hospital admission before returning home.

Residential support options delivered locally

The centre offers a safe and supportive environment for people who may find it difficult to cope at home. The service helps people suffering mental health conditions who could benefit from treatment and support in a short to medium-term residential stay. The centre helps meet the service gap between community and hospital-based care.

Maintaining connections to helpful organisations

South West Health Mental Health Services operate the centre in partnership with Mind Australia to deliver non-clinical care and support services, and other local organisations. They are focused on building strong connections with community mental health services, alcohol and other drug services, and housing, primary health, education and vocational/training services in the region.

Local jobs

This initiative created 12 new full-time equivalent jobs for social workers, occupational therapists, allied health workers, and other mental health professionals with drug and alcohol treatment credentials.

This project was delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership with:

  • South West Healthcare
  • Mind Australia
  • Bamford Architects
  • A W Nicholson (builder).
South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Care facility
  • Location
  • 14-24 Moore Street
    Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280, Australia
  • Mail
  • (03) 5563 4279

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Last updated: 10 June 2022