Planning starts on new Youth Prevention and Recovery Care facility in Parkville
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Youth services 07 October 2019

Planning starts on new Youth Prevention and Recovery Care facility in Parkville

Please note: As of 1 February 2021, the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA) became the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA).

Young people needing mental health treatment and support will soon benefit from a new $11.9 million youth prevention and recovery care service (YPARC) in Parkville.

The 20-bed facility will offer short-term, flexible and responsive clinical and community services in a home-like environment. Due to open in 2021, the facility will be operated by NorthWestern Mental Health.

YPARC services provide vital care to young people (16 to 25 years) who no longer need hospital treatment for mental illness. The service also helps to reduce pressure on hospital beds by providing early intervention care and an alternative to hospital admission.

With the YPARC being built next door to Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, and close to Melbourne Health, young people at the facility will have easy access to other support services.

Planning on the new YPARC in Parkville coincides with Mental Health Month. Each year in October, Mental Health Month is an opportunity to talk about mental health, reduce stigma and promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the community.

The Victorian Government has allocated $172.8 million in 2019-20 to ensure Victorians get better mental health treatment and care, closer to home.

Learn more about the North West Metropolitan Youth Prevention and Recovery Carefacility via our dedicated project page.


TEXT: A new $11.9 million youth prevention and recovery care facility is coming to Parkville.

IMAGES: Drone footage of the area where the new facility will be built, which is adjacent to the Orygen youth mental health facility in Parkville. The cityscape is in the background.

TEXT: North West YPARC will be a 20-bed short stay residential facility…

IMAGES: An artist impression of the exterior of the new facility, which is low and angular in design, with covered walkways, natural wood detailing and floor to ceiling windows.

TEXT: … providing recovery-focused treatment and support for young people experiencing mental health issues

IMAGES: An artist impression of the interior living spaces – an open plan kitchen and dining area, with many spaces to gather and views to outside and natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. A second artist impression shows a bedroom with a person reading beside the large windows and their desk, the personal storage space and bed.

TEXT: Services will be closely integrated with Orygen Youth Health and other local services

IMAGES: Final images rotate between drone footage of the area for the new facility, an artist impression of the facility seen from above and in situ, and more drone footage from varying angles.

TEXT: Due for completion mid-2021

IMAGES: The closing slide is the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victoria State Government logo. 

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Last updated: 07 October 2019