Upgraded Wonthaggi Hospital opens its doors
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Hospitals 01 February 2023

Upgraded Wonthaggi Hospital opens its doors

The $115 million Wonthaggi Hospital expansion is complete, with the upgraded hospital now open and treating patients.

IMAGES: Aerial view of new expansion circles around the facility.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Construction of the $115 million expansion and upgrade of the Wonthaggi Hospital is now complete.

IMAGES: View inside a new procedure room.

ONSCREEN TEXT: 18 additional emergency department treatment spaces will allow for the treatment of an extra 26,000 emergency patients each year.

IMAGES: View inside a new theatre.

ONSCREEN TEXT: The project has doubled surgery capacity with three new theatres and a procedure room.

IMAGES: Inpatient bed, followed by view down corridor with staff stations on the right.

ONSCREEN TEXT: and has added 32 inpatient beds, and additional pandemic capability.

IMAGES: Inpatient room, followed by aerial view showing solar panels on top of the new facility.

ONSCREEN TEXT: More treatment spaces and beds means more locals can access the healthcare services they need, closer to home.

IMAGES: Aerial view of new expansion showing carpark and surrounds.

IMAGES: The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address vhba.vic.gov.au and the Victorian State Government logo.

End of transcript.

About the Wonthaggi Hospital expansion

The new emergency department has an extra 18 treatment spaces, enabling the hospital to treat 26,000 more emergency patients each year.

The hospital’s surgery capacity will double, thanks to three new theatres and a procedure room. The expansion and upgrade also delivered:

  • 32 new inpatient beds
  • more car parking
  • a new central energy plant.

More treatment spaces and beds mean better access to healthcare services closer to home. It will also help meet future demand in one of the fasting growing areas in regional Victoria.

In response to COVID-19, the expansion also includes more pandemic capability in the new emergency department, theatres, procedure room and inpatient ward.

With the expansion project now complete, the hospital’s former main reception area is being refurbished to provide more meeting room capacity and car parking. The refurbishment is expected to be completed by mid-2023.

Learn more about the Wonthaggi Hospital expansion via our dedicated project page.

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Last updated: 01 February 2023