Bigger and better Wonthaggi Hospital taking shape
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Hospitals 13 December 2021

Bigger and better Wonthaggi Hospital taking shape

It’s been a busy year on the Bass Coast, with structural works now complete on the $115 million expansion of Wonthaggi Hospital.

The project is on track to be completed in the first half of 2023. It will deliver:

  • 32 inpatient beds
  • 18 emergency department treatment spaces
  • three new operating theatres
  • a new procedure room
  • additional car parking

The project will provide Bass Coast Health with the capacity to treat an additional 26,000 emergency patients each year.

Text: A $115 million expansion and upgrade of Wonthaggi Hospital is taking shape

Images: Aerial footage taken from drone of workers using machinery to pour a concrete slab

Text: All major structural works on the multi-million-dollar project are now complete

Images: Aerial footage taken from drone of a more developed area of the construction site – workers are seen as tiny figures laying reinforced steel or pouring concrete

Text: Works on the façade and internal fit-out are now underway

Images: Further aerial footage taken from a drone showing various angles on the building site. The structure is multi-levelled

Text: The project will deliver 18 additional emergency department treatment spaces

Text: enabling the hospital to treat an extra 26,000 emergency patients every year

Images: The drone captures more aerial footage as it flies over the building site

Text: Surgery capacity is also being doubled thanks to three new theatres and a procedure room

Text: Thirty-two inpatient beds and car parking will also be added

Images: An artist impression of the beds in the theatre recovery space, followed by an artist impression of the beds in a new short stay area

Text: On track to be completed in 2023

Images: The final image is an artist impression of the front of the redeveloped hospital. It shows the multi-levels of the hospital, canopy walkways and the available carparking at the front of the hospital

Images: The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victoria State Government logo

End of transcript.

About the Wonthaggi Hospital expansion

The Bass Coast Shire is one of the fastest growing regional areas in Victoria.

The Wonthaggi Hospital expansion will reduce the need for patients to travel to other hospitals for care and will help meet future demand for services within the community.

The project will create and sustain up to 345 local jobs during the peak of construction.

Learn more about the Wonthaggi Hospital expansion via our dedicated project page.

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Last updated: 13 December 2021