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Hospitals 09 October 2018

Building the new Bendigo Hospital

At $630 million, the new Bendigo Hospital is the largest investment in regional health care in Victoria’s history.

The development stands as a brilliant example of how technology, design and community consultation can combine to create a world-class hospital.

Built over two stages, the new hospital was delivered through a highly successful public-private-partnership with the Victorian Government, Bendigo Health and the Exemplar Health consortium.

Learn more about the Bendigo Hospital via our dedicated project page.


[IMAGES: The façade of the Bendigo Hospital is shown. An onscreen fact says $630 million investment into regional health care. Then Robert Fiske, of the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority is shown talking to the camera.]

ROBERT FISKE: The vision for Bendigo Hospital was about ensuring that regional Victorians got the same healthcare as their city counterparts and also making sure that, from a healthcare point of view, we were able to solve for the increasing demand for healthcare in regional Victoria. 

[IMAGES: A paramedic wheels a patient on a stretcher into the Bendigo Hospital. Then a toddler in a car seat is shown being wheeled into an atrium on a stretcher while a people group stand around, smiling. A fast time-lapse montage of the hospital being constructed from the ground up. We are shown a medical helicopter on a large green helipad on a roof.]

ROBERT FISKE: The Exemplar Health team, in partnership with the Victorian Government, the Building Authority and Bendigo Health have managed to deliver this project, not only on time and on budget, but also managed to get the hospital operating very, very quickly after the construction was actually completed and that’s a terrific result.

[IMAGES: 3D blueprints of the hospital’s design are shown. Then a man in a hard hat is shown polishing a big sign that says ‘emergency’. A large courtyard with a stylish pergola is also shown. An onscreen fact says ‘Tranquil healing spaces.’ We are then shown leafy garden beds and the roof of the Bendigo Hospital, which is covered in solar panels. An onscreen fact says ‘Award-winning sustainable features.’]

ROBERT FISKE: There have been a range of innovations in the Bendigo Hospital project. We have managed working with the designers and the health planners to make sure that the hospital really does function well and that’s everything from way-finding to how the clinical spaces work, even down to spaces for family and people to move around the hospital. From there, the Exemplar Health team have also focused on real sustainability innovations, in terms of the delivery of the hospital. We’ve managed, for example, to reduce over 300,000kg of greenhouse gas emissions, just from the way the hospital has been designed and built. 

[IMAGES: A large, bright atrium is shown with sunlight coming through the ceiling. Then a flat, box-shaped robot is shown moving through a hallway. A high-tech radiology bunker is shown.]

ROBERT FISKE: And then you come down to some of those things that really do express technology, such as the automated vehicles that managed to roam around the hospital, delivering everything from hospital food to patients through to laundry and other logistics materials throughout the hospital. So, it’s a really innovative and very new space that we’ve managed to take the hospital in. 

[IMAGES: A woman is shown smiling and hugging an elderly lady in a wheelchair. A father’s hand is shown stroking a newborn baby’s head. Large trees in the hospital atrium are shown.]

ROBERT FISKE: I think that the Bendigo Hospital project has been an absolutely outstanding example of how government and the public and private sector can actually collaborate really, really well together for the benefit of the whole community. This piece of infrastructure will be part of the community for a very, very long period of time and, I think, the whole community are going to be really well serviced by those efforts of all of those people that have come together over a period of five to six years to deliver on this project.

[IMAGES: The Bendigo Hospital façade is shown. The screen fades to white and text appears which says: ‘Produced in partnership with Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Victoria State Government. Additional footage provided by NDY’. The next screen says: ‘Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority, Victorian State Government, vhhsba.vic.gov.au’. The next screen says: ‘Authorised by the Department of Health and Human Services 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Spoken by R. Fiske’.]

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