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Hospitals 02 March 2023

Construction update: Frankston Hospital redevelopment

The Frankston Hospital redevelopment is starting to take shape, with foundation works on the site well underway.

Check out what has happened on site since major construction started in June 2022.

IMAGES: Aerial footage of the Frankston Hospital redevelopment site showing machinery in operation on the site.

TEXT: Construction is well underway on the site of the Frankston Hospital redevelopment.

IMAGES: Bird’s-eye view of the construction site and close-up of a piling rig being lifted.

TEXT: Foundations are progressing, with 320 foundation and retention piles installed.

IMAGES: Aerial footage of activity on construction site. Footage of a large concrete pipe being moved.

TEXT: We have installed 2.3 kilometres of piping under the site.

IMAGES: Close up and overheard views of an excavator digging and pouring earth into a truck.

TEXT: moved around 112,000 cubic metres of soil – enough to fill around 40 Olympic swimming pools.

IMAGES: Construction workers smoothing out asphalt using small machinery.

TEXT: and used over 5,500m2 of asphalt to prepare the temporary car park.

IMAGES: Timelapse footage of foundation works. Close-ups of construction workers smoothing asphalt.

TEXT: More than 240 people have been inducted onto the site, with more than 64,000 hours of work completed.

IMAGES: Aerial shot of the construction site.

TEXT: Construction of main works on your bigger and better Frankston Hospital is expected to be complete in 2025.

IMAGES: A closing slide says: ‘In partnership with’ and has the Peninsula Health and Exemplar Health logos. This fades into another slide with the Victorian Health Building Authority and Victorian Government logos. The URL vhba.vic.gov.au is displayed.

End of transcript.

About the Frankston Hospital redevelopment

The Frankston Hospital redevelopment will deliver a new 12-storey clinical services tower and main entrance, 130 more beds, new spaces for mental health and oncology services, enhanced women’s and children’s services and 15 new operating theatres.

Once completed, the bigger and better hospital will have the capacity to treat approximately 35,000 more patient episodes each year – cutting wait times and reducing pressure on other Melbourne hospitals.

Construction is underway, with main works expected to be completed in 2025.

Learn more about the Frankston Hospital redevelopment via our dedicated project page.

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Last updated: 02 March 2023