Designs released for Bendigo Hospital Rehabilitation Centre
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Regional facilities 07 September 2021

Designs released for Bendigo Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Central Victorians will soon have the world-class facilities they need to support their health and physical wellbeing close to home, with designs unveiled for a new day rehabilitation facility at Bendigo Hospital.

The $59.5 million investment will construct a new hydrotherapy pool and bring together outpatient rehabilitation, allied health, dental, mental health, renal dialysis, breast screening and diabetes education services.

This means patients recovering from accidents, injuries and medical conditions, such as a stroke or heart attack will be able to access a team of health professionals in one convenient place. Co-location of services supports a holistic and patient-centred approach to rehabilitation and care.

The designs reveal the exterior, grounds, hydrotherapy pool and internal fit-outs. They aim to create a welcoming, safe and healing atmosphere for patients, their carers, and families

Designs released for Bendigo hospital rehabilitation centre

IMAGES: Panoramic artist impression of day rehabilitation centre at Bendigo Hospital

Text on screen: Designs for a new $59.5 million day rehabilitation centre at Bendigo Hospital have been revealed.

IMAGES: Another artists impression of the hydrotherapy pool, followed by an external view of the facility.

Text on screen: The state-of-the-art facility will support people recovering from accidents, injuries and illnesses.

IMAGES: Artist impression of a long corridor, with treatment rooms either side.

Text on screen: The world-class facility will deliver a number of rehabilitation and health services including:

IMAGES: a treatment room with examination bed

Text on screen: outpatient rehabilitation, allied health,

IMAGES: a dental clinic

Text on screen: dental, mental health services

IMAGES: a mammogram machine and monitoring station

Text on screen: renal dialysis, breast screenings

IMAGES: a consultation room

Text on screen: diabetes education.

IMAGES: a different perspective inside the hydrotherapy pool area

Text on screen: The project will also construct a new hydrotherapy pool.

IMAGES: a corner view of the new facility with carpark spaces

Text on screen: Creating around 180 jobs at peak construction, the facility is expected to be complete in 2023.

A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Government logo and Health Building Authority logo and web address

End of transcript.

At the peak of construction, the project will create approximately 180 jobs, providing a boost for the local economy.

Learn more about the Bendigo Hospital’s rehabilitation facility via our dedicated project page.

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Last updated: 07 September 2021