Help us shape the Frankston Hospital redevelopment – survey now open
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Hospitals 18 August 2020

Help us shape the Frankston Hospital redevelopment – survey now open

Please note: This survey has now closed.

The Victorian Government is investing $562 million to redevelop Frankston Hospital – and we want to hear from you.

What services at Frankston Hospital are important to you and your family? What’s working, what isn’t, and what would you like to see in the future?

Sharing your ideas and experiences will help us shape this significant investment for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

The survey is available on engage.vic and closes at 9.00am on Monday 14 September 2020.

About the Frankston Hospital redevelopment

The Frankston Hospital redevelopment will deliver a multi-level tower with capacity for 120 additional beds, two new operating theatres and dedicated space for mental health and oncology services.

With more families choosing to make Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula home, the redevelopment will also provide expanded maternity and children’s services, including a new maternity ward, obstetrics wards, women’s clinic, paediatric ward and a special care nursery.

Learn more about the Frankston Hospital redevelopment via our dedicated project page.

Frankston Hospital redevelopment survey - we want to hear from you


Images: The video opens with an aerial view of the Frankston Hospital and immediately surrounding area. The site boundaries of the hospital are highlighted first, then the boundaries of the expansion site beside the hospital are highlighted (the western side of the hospital, bordered by Hastings Road and Yuille Street).

Text: We are planning a major redevelopment of Frankston Hospital, and we want your help.

Images: More aerial footage of the hospital and expansion site, taken from a drone, and is labelled with ‘$562 million investment’.

Text: The Victorian Government is investing in a significant redevelopment of the hospital’s facilities to meet the needs of our growing Frankston and Mornington Peninsula community

Images: The drone view moves to the south of the hospital and expansion site. The suburb of Frankston is in the background.

Text: We want to hear from you about what services are important to you and your family. What’s working well?

Images: The drone camera pans wide and the following landmarks are highlighted: current hospital, future expansion site, botanical gardens to the south of the hospital, train station and Frankston CBD. The bay is seen in the distance.

Text: What isn’t? And what would you like to see that’s new or different? Sharing your experiences and ideas will help us to shape the Frankston Hospital redevelopment, so that you and your family can get the best possible care.

Images: The closing image is a partnership slide with the Peninsula Health and Frankston Hospital Redevelopment logos. The screen transitions to blue. We see the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victoria State Government logo.

End of transcript.

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Last updated: 15 September 2020