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Major works begin on the Wangaratta Hospital redevelopment

Major works on the $22.9 million Wangaratta Hospital redevelopment commenced this month, with the project on track for completion in November 2022.

The Wangaratta Hospital redevelopment comprises a mix of new building and refurbishment works and will deliver:

  • a 12-bed critical care unit
  • expanded emergency department with additional treatment spaces, isolation room and a behavioural assessment room
  • an eight bed short stay unit
  • a paediatric ward
  • two refurbished 20-bed medical units
  • engineering infrastructure upgrades.

The project is expected to create 60 jobs whilst construction is underway.

Once complete, the Wangaratta Hospital redevelopment will ensure patients have access to the highest quality care and services. It will improve waiting times and help meet the growing demand for services in North East Victoria.

The project is funded through the Victorian Government’s $470 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund and is being delivered by North East Health Wangaratta in partnership with HSPC Health Architects and Zauner Construction.

The RHIF provides funding to Victoria’s rural and regional public health and residential aged care services. This funding enables health services to continue to provide safe and efficient care to local communities.

Learn more about the Wangaratta Hospital redevelopment via our dedicated project page.


IMAGES: A panoramic aerial drone shot of the existing Wangaratta Hospital campus

Text on screen: Work is underway on a major expansion of Wangaratta hospital

IMAGES: a nurse walks towards the main entrance of the hospital

Text on screen: Funded through the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, the $22.9 million project will deliver:

IMAGES: an aerial shot of the hospital and ED buildings

Text on screen: a 12-bed critical care unit; an eight-bed short stay unit

IMAGES: another aerial shot showing the hospital and its suburban environs

Text on screen: a new paediatric ward; two 20-bed medical units

IMAGES: artist impression of the new hospital’s entrance and carpark, and new emergency department entrance

Text on screen: and an upgraded emergency department with additional treatment facilities

IMAGES: aerial shot of existing hospital and emergency department

Text on screen: An even bigger and better Wangaratta Hospital means people living in northeast Victoria, now and into the future, will be able to get the high quality and safe care they need, closer to home

IMAGES: artist impression of car park and new hospital frontage

Text on screen: Plus, around 60 jobs will be created during peak construction providing a boost to the local economy

IMAGES: the drone pulls back to show the existing hospital in the context of the larger suburban environment

Text on screen: The expansion is on track to be completed in 2022

Closing frame: Victorian Health Building Authority logo and web address (

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