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New Melton Hospital Community Consultative Committee having their say

The community consultative committee plays a vital role in making sure the community has a say in the development of the new Melton Hospital.

Take a look at the committee in action as planning for the new hospital continues.

IMAGES: Image of artists impression of Hospital. Image shows large, modern hospital building, with many green spaces and manicured gardens, with busy pedestrian precinct in the foreground. Followed by shot of three groups of people seated at tables discussing something in room.

ONSCREEN TEXT: As planning continues, we’re talking to the community about what they want to see in their new Melton Hospital.

IMAGES: Shot of young adult (Daniel D’Souza) seated on chair speaking.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Daniel D’Souza Community member VOICEOVER (Daniel D’Souza): We get to have real impact and meet the real stakeholders.

IMAGES: Shot of Daniel D’Souza explaining to two members of the committee, followed by shot of woman speaking to the committee.

VOICEOVER (Daniel D’Souza): We’ll be able to point to things and say, “oh that is because of us and what we have done here”.

IMAGES: View of group of committee members including a paramedic seated around table with butcher’s papers in centre. Followed by view of local member of Parliament (Steve McGhie) seated and speaking.

VOICEOVER (Steve McGhie): Engaging the committee members with their ideas and thoughts around what they think the hospital should be like.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Steve McGhie Member for Melton.

IMAGES: View of Steve McGhie interacting with poster, followed by close up shot of Woman’s hand putting sticker on poster, followed by return to Steve McGhie seated and speaking.

VOICEOVER (Steve McGhie): Yeah I do think that that is important that people feel that it's theirs.

IMAGES: Close up shot of post it notes on wall with “Sustainability, Green Energy” written on them, followed by view of middle-aged man Amit Cheema speaking.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Amit Cheema Community Member

VOICEOVER (Amit Cheema): It's going to be ready rewarding that's for sure. It'll be sense of pride as well for me to see that.

IMAGE: Montage of people writing on paper and discussing, intercut with view of Steve McGhie speaking.

VOICEOVER (Steve McGhie): It's got to be planned right. It's got to be built right. It's got to deliver the services that Melton requires, and we want to do it properly.

IMAGE: Shot of Daniel D’Souza speaking.

VOICEOVER (Daniel D’Souza): I've always tried to find ways to give back. This is a great opportunity.

IMAGE: View of Amit Cheema and Daniel D’Souza laughing with a group of people while discussing at a table.

ONSCREEN TEXT: Construction of your new hospital starts in 2024 and will be finished in 2029

IMAGES: Return to artist impression of hospital.

IMAGES: The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victorian State Government logo. 

>>End of transcript.

About the committee

The committee provides a forum for members of the local community to participate in the project’s ongoing planning through open dialogue and consultation.

The role and purpose of the community consultative committee is to:

  • provide advice on local community health and social needs
  • represent the community’s diverse views
  • provide advice on emerging issues, opportunities and priorities of the local community.

The committee is chaired by Steve McGhie MP, Member for Melton. Committee members have been selected across gender, age, interests and background to ensure a diverse representation. The committee also includes representatives from Western Health, Melton City Council and the Victorian Health Building Authority.

Members are meeting monthly to discuss ideas the community would like to see in their new Melton Hospital including:

  • indoor and outdoor spaces
  • wayfinding
  • cultural safety
  • how to create a welcoming and calm environment.

About the new Melton Hospital

The brand-new hospital will support the growing and diverse communities of Caroline Springs, Rockbank, Melton and Bacchus Marsh. It will help ensure the people of Melbourne's west get the care they need, close to home.

It will include:

  • a 24-hour emergency department
  • at least 274 beds
  • an intensive care unit
  • maternity and neonatal services
  • mental health services
  • radiology services
  • ambulatory care.

Construction is expected to start in 2024 and be finished in 2029.

Learn more about the New Melton Hospital via our dedicated project page.

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