Video story: Community helps shape new Melton Hospital
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Hospitals 26 October 2022

Video story: Community helps shape new Melton Hospital

As planning for the new Melton Hospital continues, we’ve been talking to the community about what they want to see.

The Victorian Government has committed more than $900 million to deliver a new Melton Hospital by 2029, which means families in Melbourne’s outer west will receive the care they need, close to home.

The new hospital will support the growing and diverse communities of Caroline Springs, Rockbank, Melton and Bacchus Marsh.

The Melton Hospital will include a 24-hour emergency department, at least 274 beds, an intensive care unit, maternity and neonatal services, mental health services, radiology services and ambulatory care.

Once completed, Melton Hospital will have the capacity to treat 130,000 patients each year and see almost 60,000 patients in the emergency department.

Take a look at what the new Melton Hospital will mean for those who live and work in the outer west.

TEXT: What will the new Melton Hospital mean for your community?

IMAGES: Artist impression of the new Melton Hospital.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): The new hospital for the outer West will be fantastic for the community. It's a very diverse community. So we have lots of young families and the elderly so it'll mean better access to healthcare.

IMAGES: Community members looking at display boards at a community information session in Melton.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): I think especially for the elderly it will mean a lot less travel - much easier to get here.

Voice-over Marisa (community member): For parents having something nearby would just be perfect.

IMAGES: Community members and Western Health staff looking at display boards at a community information session in Melton.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): People don't have to travel into Sunshine or into the CBD. They'll be able to access health care within their community, which we know leads to better health outcomes.

Voice-over Marisa (community member): The new families are moving into Melton and all the outer suburbs as well, having something nearby will just be a tremendous help.

IMAGES: Aerial drone shot of the site for the new hospital at Cobblebank.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): And even if you have to take a taxi because you don't drive, it's not going to cost you a fortune.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): So a new hospital will mean jobs for healthcare workers as well, which is good for the local community. So they'll be able to access jobs within their areas without having to travel.

TEXT: What services should the new hospital deliver?

Voice-over Jenny (community member): Apart from a good emergency department I think there should be a lot more mental health services - that's one thing that's terribly lacking here.

IMAGES: Community members stick suggestion notes on a board.

IMAGES: An Ambulance Victoria ambulance drives out of a station, with lights flashing, followed by a paramedic on walkie talkie, then a view of emergency department beds and equipment.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): If I had to pick one thing that was most important I would say ED capacity. We know that emergency departments require capacity in order for patients to be seen in a timely fashion. Having a fast-track area, a resuscitation area and having a general bed capacity would be great.

TEXT: As a paramedic, what issues will the hospital help to resolve?

IMAGES: Ambulance driving out of a station.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): Having a hospital within the local area will improve our resourcing and our response times because we will be more available within the community to respond. It'll be advantageous if we can take a wide range of patients into a local hospital in order to get the care that they need.

TEXT: What design features should be included?

Voice-over Jenny (community member): Before you even get in the front door, one of the most important things would be car parking.

Voice-over Marisa (community member): Car park and easy access in and out.

IMAGES: Aerial close up of the new hospital site.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): A little area where you can get a cup of tea while you're waiting.

Voice-over Marisa (community member): Good cafeteria and good coffee a must. A must!

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): And just lots of open space and somewhere with some natural light so patients can sit and reflect if they need to.

IMAGES: Various signs within a hospital.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): Clear signage, you know, whether it's signs hanging from the ceiling or whether it's 'follow the red line for maternity' - just something that's easy for people to follow.

Voice-over Marisa (community member): Maybe in another language, so when they walk in they feel comfortable. And I think having a little play centre for the children would be nice as well.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): If you've got a little play area whether it's indoors or outdoors, where they can be children and the parents haven't got to worry about they're disturbing this one or disturbing that one. That would be really good.

IMAGES: View of an existing emergency department.

Voice-over Tarryn (Area Manager, Ambulance Victoria): A separate triage area for ambulance and the public we think that's really important for the flow for ambulances to get through that triage process really quickly. We also like to see lots of ambulance bays and also evacus, where we write up our paperwork would be really advantageous.

IMAGES: Artist impression of the new Melton Hospital.

Voice-over Jenny (community member): I just think it's desperately needed. I think it will be well used. I think it's going to be a vital part of Melton.

IMAGES: A slide with ‘In partnership with Western Health (logo).

IMAGES: The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victorian State Government logo.

End of transcript.

About the new Melton Hospital

The new Melton Hospital will include:

  • a 24-hour emergency department
  • at least 274 beds
  • an intensive care unit
  • maternity and neonatal services
  • mental health services, radiology services and ambulatory care
  • a new education and training hub for doctors and nurses in Melbourne’s west.

The hospital will be Victoria’s first all-electric hospital.

Construction is expected to start in 2024 and be finished in 2029.

Learn more about the new Melton Hospital via our dedicated project page.


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Last updated: 26 October 2022