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New Statewide Child and Family Centre a Victorian first

Construction of Victoria's first Statewide Child and Family Centre is now complete.

The $7.3 million, 12-bed centre is located in Macleod, in Melbourne's north-east.

The centre supports children aged 0-11 years. What makes it unique is the ability for children to stay with their families whilst receiving mental health care from specialist clinicians.

Statewide Child and Family Centre first look

IMAGES: An image of the exterior of the facility, showing the freshly planted garden

Text: A new 12-bed facility offering dedicated mental health support and treatment for children and their families

IMAGES: Chairs with children’s plush toys

Text: Delivering vital residential mental health and wellbeing treatment to children

IMAGES: Camera pans across a living room; cuts to a large table with chairs

Text: in an environment that allows them to stay with and be supported by their families

IMAGES: Cuts to one of the bedrooms

Text: Featuring private rooms and shared living spaces

IMAGES: Camera pans across the large communal kitchen

Text: including a communal kitchen, dining, lounge,

IMAGES: an image of the laundry room; cuts to a family activity area filled with toys

Text: laundry and family activity areas

IMAGES: cuts to a montage of shots of the garden area

Text: outdoor gardens,

IMAGES: an image of a private room with a table and chairs

Text: along with clinical consulting spaces.

IMAGES: a montage of the kitchen and dining spaces

Text: The facility will provide 24-hour care and support for children and their families

IMAGE: A sliding transition screen displays the Victorian Health Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos and the web address

End of transcript

Family focus

Up to three families can stay onsite where they can access around the clock care and support with:

  • mental health challenges
  • medication management
  • issues like resolving disputes, school refusal and challenging behaviour.

Home-like setting

The facility’s design creates a safe, welcoming, and healing atmosphere for children and their families.

The centre includes:

  • private rooms
  • shared living spaces including kitchen, dining, lounge and laundry
  • family activity areas
  • outdoor garden areas
  • clinical consulting areas.

Better mental health for all Victorians

The Victorian-first was delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership with:

  • Austin Health
  • Kerstin Thompson Architects
  • Building Engineering.

The centre is part of Victoria’s 10-year Mental Health Plan to achieve better mental health outcomes for Victorians and save lives.

It also responds to key recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

Learn more about the Statewide Child and Family Centre.

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