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Specialist centres 19 February 2021

Victorian Heart Hospital main entrance now complete

Major construction of Australia’s first dedicated cardiac hospital – the Victorian Heart Hospital – is on track, with the three-level basement and main entrance on Blackburn Road in Clayton now complete.

The new hospital will be operated by Monash Health and located on the Monash University Clayton campus. It will integrate clinical cardiology services, research and education to create a centre of excellence, raising the profile of cardiovascular research, treatment and training.

Due to be completed in 2022, the hospital will have capacity to provide up to 2,150 cardiac surgeries every year.

In this video, aerial footage is shown of the construction:

Victorian Heart Hospital - Major construction on track


IMAGE: Panoramic aerial fly around from rear of construction site to Blackburn Road entrance is shown.

TEXT: Major construction is on track at the new Victorian Heart Hospital.

IMAGE: Aerial footage showing storeys under construction and location of three-level basement is shown.

TEXT: The three-level basement is complete and the structure of the hospital is rising rapidly.

IMAGE: Aerial footage showing detail of the Blackburn Road entrance work, then swinging around to show detail of the central elevator tower is shown.

TEXT: The main entrance on Blackburn Road has been finished opening the door to deliver up to 2150 cardiac surgeries per year.

IMAGE: Ground view looking upwards to a large crane and surrounding scaffolding, then a close up of the large crane and cabin is shown.

TEXT: Australia’s first cardiac hospital is set to be completed in late 2022.

IMAGE: We are shown the ground view upward of scaffolding and two cranes, then sweeping downward back to ground level, followed by a final aerial of the construction site and surrounds.

IMAGE: A white banner appears on screen over the image.

TEXT: In partnership with Monash Health (logo) and Monash University (logo).

End of transcript.

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Last updated: 19 February 2021