Victorian Heart Hospital
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Victorian Heart Hospital

Location Blackburn Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia

The $577 million Victorian Heart Hospital is Australia’s first state-of-the-art, specialist cardiac hospital. It provides innovative, holistic and patient-centred care, as well as world-leading research and education.

The hospital integrates clinical cardiology services, research and education to create a centre of excellence, raising the profile of cardiovascular research, treatment and training.

Patients with heart disease are now able to access world-class cardiac care and ground-breaking research, all under one roof.

The hospital welcomed its first patients in February 2023.

The Victorian Heart Hospital is operated by Monash Health and is located on the Monash University Clayton campus.

Victorian Heart Hospital - Major construction complete

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Australia’s first stand-alone heart hospital features: 

  • public and private cardiac inpatient beds
  • cardiac intensive care beds
  • same-day procedure beds
  • cardiac emergency department cubicles
  • facilities for prevention, recovery and rehabilitation
  • cardiac catheterisation laboratories
  • cardiac theatres and a sterilising unit
  • an advanced cardiac imaging centre
  • a heart rhythm centre
  • telehealth technology
  • pathology and pharmacy services
  • specialist research areas
  • helipad.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will provide the following benefits:  

Life-saving diagnosis and treatment  

Soon to be home to the state’s leading cardiac specialists and researchers, the Victorian Heart Hospital will provide life-saving diagnosis and treatment for thousands of patients each year. It will have the capacity to deliver up to: 

  • 2,150 cardiac surgery operations 
  • up to 13,500 cardiac laboratory procedures  
  • 8,500 cardiac computed tomography CT scans 
  • 2,800 cardiac magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans 
  • 28,300 cardiac emergency department presentations 
  • 48,000 clinic / telemedicine consultations 
  • 60,000 consulting room consultations.  

Latest telehealth technology

Cardiac patients in regional Victoria, across Australia and internationally will have access to clinical services through the latest telehealth technology. This will reduce the need to travel to receive expert care and advice.  

A centre of excellence

Patients will benefit from embedding cardiac research, education and training within clinical services. This approach is supported by global evidence and adopted in heart hospitals around the world.  

Good for the environment

The building’s environmental impact was minimised using passive design strategies. These include working with the natural climatic conditions to enable resilient and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. The building’s carbon footprint was lowered by using locally sourced materials.

Local jobs

The project created and sustained up to 1,700 jobs during construction. Once fully operational, the Victorian Heart Hospital will employ more than 850 people across clinical care and research.

This project was delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership Monash Health and Monash University, both leaders in the field of cardiac research, treatment and education.

The hospital’s clinical services will also build on the achievements of Monash Health Heart, the specialist cardiology service provider of Monash Health and now the largest provider of cardiac care in Victoria.

The co-location of Monash University’s training, education and research (TER) at the new Victorian Heart institute (VHI) and Monash Health’s Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC) will increase collaboration and advancement in cardiovascular disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Bringing the project vision to life is a team of leading consultants and contractors, including:

  • Conrad Gargett and John Wardle Architects
  • AECOM building engineers
  • John Holland (builder).

Extensive community engagement with hospital staff, medical professionals and patients was conducted at critical stages throughout the project, to inform the design and services.

Community engagement plays a vital role in the long-term success of this project with all partners committed to transparent and inclusive consultation.



Victorian Heart Hospital
  • Location
  • Blackburn Road
    Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia
  • Mail
  • (03) 9594 6666

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Last updated: 08 September 2023