Hospitals 11 November 2021

Your new Footscray Hospital - Community corner

We’ve enjoyed engaging with Melbourne’s west community over the past few years through the community consultative committee, information sessions and community events.

As the new Footscray Hospital comes to life, we look forward to more opportunities to share the progress of this significant project with you.

New Footscray Hospital community consultative committee shape new hospital

Text: New Footscray Hospital Project Community Consultative Committee

Images: Two flags flying, followed by a slide of some colourful graffiti that says ‘Footscray’ on a fence in a nearby lane, then a shot of the Footscray Community Arts Centre signage.

Text: Katie Hall MP, Member for Footscray

Images: Katie Hall MP is standing in front of the river, talking to camera.

Voiceover: It's really exciting to be the chair of the community consultative committee because this is such a big project for Footscray and we want to make sure that community voices are heard.

Images: Various close up shots of committee members in conversation.

Text: Elwyn Davies, community representative

Voiceover: I've lived in the area for about thirty years now. But for me being part of this committee is a great honour.

It's really about us taking ideas of our own and the community forward, but also responsible for dispersing that information into the community as well.

Images: Elwyn Davies in standing by the river, talking to camera. We then see him participating in group activities as the committee discuss what’s important to them in a new hospital.

Text: Sarah Coward, community representative

Voiceover: We're really keen that the unique elements of Footscray are represented in our ideas.

Images: Sarah Coward is standing by the river, talking to camera. We then see her participating in committee group activities and conversation.

Voiceover: (Katie Hall) We want a hospital that's going to represent the community it's in and serve Footscray.

Images: Katie Hall MP is standing in front of the river, talking to camera, then shown participating with the committee in various activities.


(Elwyn): Footscray is a very unique area.

(Sarah): Wonderful people with lots of energy, lots of diversity and lots of different ideas.

(Katie): It's a creative place, it's an ever-changing place, it's very difficult to be bored in Footscray.

Images: Various close-up shots of committee members participating in their first consultative committee meeting.


(Elwyn): The amount of investment that's been put into this major project is very significant.

(Sarah): How do you pull it all together in a way that makes it happen for all the elements of this community.

(Katie): I think the new Footscray Hospital project is huge for this community. It will make a massive difference for the provision of healthcare in Melbourne's growing western suburbs. And it will speak to our community and it will serve our community for many generations to come.

I'm very proud to be representing an area where we are having the largest investment in a hospital in Victorian history happening.

Text: A slide that says ‘in partnership with’ and the Western Health logo and Plenary Health logo.

Images: The closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victoria State Government logo.

End of transcript

Good things are happening in the West. As we grow, our new Footscray Hospital will be there, helping to keep our community healthy and happy. There’s so much to see in our area.

An cartoon-style illustration of suburbs surrounding the New Footscray Hospital

Download and print a Your New Footscray Hospital colouring book to explore the hospital’s surroundings with your family or classmates.

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Contact the project hotline at (03) 9999 1985 or email


This project is being delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership with Western Health and the Plenary Health consortium.


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