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New entrance to transform Ballarat Base Hospital

Artist impressions showcasing the location of the new main and emergency department entrance being delivered as part of the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment have been unveiled.

The images provide a first look at the new entrance that will move from Drummond Street to be accessed via Sturt Street.

The move will unlock the currently congested site and improve access for patients and families. It will also deliver urgently needed short-term carparking and safe drop-off zones.

The local community will be able to look forward to a bigger and better hospital that is less congested and easier to move around, with more short-term emergency drop-off parking, more amenities and more open green spaces.

Images are artist impressions that are subject to change. Final designs for the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment are still being finalised and are expected to be released later this year.

Community consultation

Locals contributed more than 1000 pieces of feedback through online surveys and workshops with the community consultative committee.

Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment Community Consultative Committee

IMAGES: Opening screen featuring Victorian Health Building Authority logo.

Text on screen: Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment Community Consultative Committee.

IMAGES: Various drone footage of the current Ballarat Base Hospital site.

Irene Lim, community representative: If you are passionate about something and you want to see change you need to be part of it.

IMAGES: Close up of front of hospital.

Honourable Steve Bracks AC, Chair Community Consultative Committee: I think what’s surprised me is how engaged people have been about the hospital.

IMAGES: Corner view of the hospital; entrance to emergency department.

Raveen Chilukuri, community representative: It was a great honour to be a part of this committee. Apart from bringing my own ideas I was able to get my community ideas into the discussion.

IMAGES: Drone footage of frontage of the hospital, close ups of hospital signage.

Irene Lim: All those different points of view about what the hospital means for them, and what they found good or bad was a really good process to go through.

Steve Bracks: It’s their hospital – they want to make sure it’s the best it can be. That ownership, that engagement is really, really important and I think that’s going to mean we’re going to get a better result.

IMAGES: Drone footage of lake shoreline; garden bed in city centre.

Irene Lim: Ballarat community is amazing. It’s probably my favourite thing about being in Ballarat.

Steve Bracks: Ballarat’s always been part of me. I grew up here, I went to university here.

IMAGES: Clocktower.

Irene Lim: It’s big enough to be diverse but it’s small enough to be comfortable and safe.

IMAGES: Lydiard and Sturt streets intersection.

Raveen Chilukuri: I’ve seen many, many families from different parts of the world here – wonderful families living from generations together.

IMAGES: Front entrance of Art Gallery; meeting room within gallery; footage of Committee meeting discussions and presentations.

Irene Lim: The diversity that we have within this group is amazing. People from all walks of life that have different experiences. People in the administrative part of it to people who work in the hospitals; mums and dads; people that have been patients in the hospital; that have taken their children to the hospital.

Raveen Chilukuri: My daughter was born in Base Hospital about three years ago. So I was moving in and around Base Hospital every day during that time frame, and when I saw that there was a development plan going on to make the hospital better I felt connected right away.

Steve Bracks: Putting patients first I think is the key. And that’s really what this redesign of the hospital is about – putting patients and their families at the centre of what’s going to occur here.

IMAGES: Various perspectives of artist impression of hospital redevelopment.

Raveen Chilukuri: I shouldn’t be confused, I should be comfortable moving around the hospital finding the exact ward or whichever department I’m looking for.

Irene Lim: We need to provide good accessibility for everyone – all the different cultures, all the different disabilities and all the demographics within the community.

IMAGES: Drone footage approaching the current hospital and its environs.

Steve Bracks: That input is going to be essential in getting the right project and the right design for the future. I’m very confident we’ve got it right.

A screen displays ‘In partnership with Ballarat Health Services (logo).

A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address and the Victoria State Government logo.

End of transcript.

Community consultation report released

The Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment community consultation report captures the community’s ideas, suggestions and priorities for the redevelopment.

The report discusses how community input is helping shape the design of the project, including:

  • extra short-term carparking
  • more open spaces
  • better signage
  • improved pedestrian access.

View report

About the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment

The first stage of construction is underway and demolition of the Edward Wilson Building will soon begin. Final designs are expected to be released later this year.

Delivered by Victorian Health Building Authority, the redevelopment will be delivered over multiple stages. Once completed, it will include:

  • a new central energy plant
  • new pharmacy and pathology facilities
  • a new Centre for Education and Training
  • a multilevel hospital tower
  • a new emergency department
  • a women and children’s hub
  • a state-of-the-art theatre suite
  • an extra 100 inpatient and short stay beds
  • a new and expanded critical care floor.

The redevelopment will provide the capacity to treat at least 18,000 more emergency patients and an extra 14,500 inpatients per year.

Learn more about the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment via our dedicated project page.

To download the consultation report, visit the Ballarat Base Hospital redevelopment Community consultation report page.

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