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Hospitals 25 March 2024

Westside Lodge rehab facility upgrade complete

In this video, we take a look inside the newly expanded Westside Lodge dual diagnosis drug and mental health unit at Sunshine Hospital.

The Westside Lodge rehab facility upgrade is now complete

TEXT ON SCREEN: An expanded and refurbished Westside Lodge residential rehabilitation facility at Sunshine Hospital has been completed

IMAGES: Aerial views of the facility set amongst the larger Sunshine Hospital complex

TEXT ON SCREEN: The $10.29 million project has delivered an additional 10 beds, bringing the facility's total capacity to 30 beds

IMAGES: Sweeping aerial views of the facility and adjacent roads and parking areas

TEXT ON SCREEN: Take a look inside

IMAGES: Major signage on the facility frontage

TEXT ON SCREEN: Westside Lodge provides a clinically led, recovery-focused model of care for people recovering from drug and alcohol use, as well as mental health challenges

IMAGES: Lounge/meeting areas and the pharmacy

TEXT ON SCREEN: It's designed to provide a calming and therapeutic environment for patients and their families

IMAGES: Spacious lounge and kitchen/dining room spaces

TEXT ON SCREEN: The bigger and better facility will enable the treatment of up to 40 people each year

IMAGES: Inpatient unit and final aerial shots of the facility and behind the Sunshine Hospital comple

IMAGES: A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos and the URL vhba.vic.gov.au

End of transcript.

Learn more about the Westside Lodge dual diagnosis unit expansion via our dedicated project page.

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Last updated: 25 March 2024