Your new Footscray hospital
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Hospitals 11 November 2021

Your new Footscray hospital

Construction is now underway on your new Footscray Hospital, and you’re invited to ‘meet the builder’ and see the design up close in this accessible version of our virtual engagement room.

Watch interviews with the project’s builders, experience a 3D tour of the final designs, access kids’ activities and more. There’s also an opportunity to contribute to a time capsule for Footscray and the West!

Visit our virtual engagement room

Experience our interactive room to learn more about the new Footscray Hospital, meet the builder and explore the designs.

What will the new hospital provide?

Over 500 inpatient beds

Over 500 inpatient beds

including same-day, multi-day, critical care, sub-acute, drug and alcohol, and mental health services

Acute facilities

Acute facilities

including an emergency department and mental health and alcohol and other drugs hub

Specialist facilities

Specialist facilities

including medical imaging, pharmacy, central sterile services department, outpatients, mortuary and pathology

Car parking

Car parking

catering for patients, visitors, staff and other hospital users

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New Footscray Hospital Virtual Room Welcome

IMAGES: Victorian Health Building Authority logo.

Text: Welcome to the New Footscray Hospital Virtual Engagement Room, drone shot zooming in on artist impressions of the hospital from various angles, close-up of Tina Skliros.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "Welcome to the Victorian Health Building Authority's very first virtual engagement room. My name is Tina Skliros and I'm the project director for the new Footscray Hospital project."

IMAGES: Map of bird’s eye view where hospital is situated, pop up markers indicating new Footscray Hospital and current Footscray Hospital, render of hospital plan, close-up of Tina Skliros, car driving along fencing around hospital site.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "I'm really excited to be part of the team delivering their new hospital, the people’s hospital."

IMAGES: Close up of Russell Harrison, close-up of hospital plan paperwork, drone shot of worksite, fast forward loop of hospital building foundations being laid, close-up of Russell Harrison.

Voice-over (Russell Harrison, CEO, Western Health): "I think I'm really excited about the fact that we're getting a new hospital for the west and I think it's exciting to see that take shape and come out of the ground. I'm really excited about having been involved in the project from 2013 and hopefully I'll see it all the way through to delivery."

IMAGES: aerial artist impression images of hospital, layered render of various levels, shot of front of hospital, view inside hospital foyer, side of hospital from outside.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "The Victorian government has provided up to $1.5 billion to deliver this significant new hospital by 2025, the largest ever health infrastructure investment by this state."

IMAGES: Inside lounge area of hospital, close-up of Tina Skliros, shot of consultative committee in discussion, committee pinning up post it notes, shot of hospital greenspace, shot of hospital community space.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "Most importantly for me is that this project is being delivered in collaboration with the Footscray community. We engaged a community consultative committee at the very start of this project and we listened to what the people of Footscray and the west wanted to see in their new hospital, things like green spaces, community spaces and natural light."

IMAGES: Close up of Russell Harrison, drone shot of hospital, close-up of Russell Harrison, artist impressions of people walking outside hospital, zooming in on greenspace.

Voice-over (Russell Harrison): "The new hospital will be a fabulous asset for our staff, both to recruit and attract them but also to retain our staff and I think this will really be a tonic to support our staff be the best that they can be and give the best care to our community."

IMAGES: Close up of Tina Skliros, shot of staff meeting in staffroom.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "I'm really excited to be able to deliver to the staff of Western Health and their volunteers their new workplace."

IMAGES: Various close ups of community engagement sessions.

Voice-over (Russell Harrison): "They've been involved in user groups, they've been involved in reference groups, they've helped the design selections, the functional brief, the models of care."

IMAGES: Close up of Tina Skliros, view of city skyline.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "They have continued to deliver outstanding results and excellent service in a really difficult environment, particularly now as part of Covid."

IMAGES: Close up of Russell Harrison, committee discussing show boards, close-up of Russell Harrison.

Voice-over (Russell Harrison): "And they're really energised because they know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to influence the new hospital for years to come so that we get the best hospital for our community, so that we can provide the best care."

IMAGES: Artist impressions of hospital reception, close-up of Tina Skliros, drone shot of Ballarat Road and hospital, close-up of Tina Skliros, drone shot of hospital, close-up of Tina Skliros, drone shot of hospital, Western Health and Plenary Health logos.

Voice-over (Tina Skliros): "You'll find more information about how the design has responded to and incorporated all those important elements as you make your way through the room.

In the community engagement section, you can have your say to help us imagine a time capsule for Footscray and the west that will be buried at the new hospital.

We are so happy that you are coming along with us today and we really hope you enjoy the room. Thank you."

Final frame of project partners with text ‘In partnership with Western Health (logo) Plenary Health (logos) followed by Victorian Government and VBA logos and url

End of transcript

Contact us

Contact the project hotline at (03) 9999 1985 or email


This project is being delivered by the Victorian Health Building Authority in partnership with Western Health and the Plenary Health consortium.


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Last updated: 11 November 2021

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