Hospitals 29 April 2021

Delivering Victoria’s biggest ever investment in health infrastructure

We’re the Victorian Health Building Authority, and we’re responsible for planning and delivering the Victorian Government’s multi-billion-dollar health infrastructure program.

We’re currently planning and delivering over 125 health, mental health and aged care projects, worth almost $8 billion. This includes planning, building and upgrading metropolitan and regional:

  • hospitals and ambulance stations
  • residential aged care facilities
  • mental health facilities
  • additional alcohol and other drug rehabilitation facilities
  • replacing and upgrading engineering infrastructure and medical equipment.

Through strong partnerships with health services, construction and design partners, local and federal government and local communities, we provide innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure our health system meets the current and future needs of all Victorians.

We also play a critical role in the ongoing management of $16.6 billion of existing Victorian health assets.

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Biggest ever investment in health infrastructure

Aerial footage of Victorian Heart Hospital construction Aerial image of the Victorian Heart Hospital during construction 2021

The 2020-21 Victorian State Budget made an investment of $1.87 billion in health infrastructure upgrades.

This investment formed part of Victoria’s Jobs Plan, aimed at:

  • getting Victorians back to work
  • building opportunity
  • supporting industry and growth
  • supporting every corner of our state.

More than 4,100 jobs will be created during the peak of construction, helping to support Victoria’s economic recovery.

Upgrading and building hospitals and health facilities

We have $7.3 billion of health infrastructure projects and grants in planning and delivery. These include the:

We’re also progressing the planning on $1.22 billion of health projects announced in the 2020-21 Victorian Budget including: 

  • $541.6 million to redevelop and expand the Ballarat Base Hospital
  • $384.4 million to redevelop Warrnambool Hospital 
  • $75 million to secure a site for the new Melton Hospital 
  • $66 million to begin purchasing land and commence design development for the Community Hospitals Program
  • $10 million to plan the redevelopment of the Royal Melbourne Hospital at Parkville’s Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, as well as an additional site for the Royal Melbourne and Royal Women’s hospitals at the Arden Precinct. 

Therapeutic and safe mental health care facilities

We have over $740 million mental health infrastructure projects and grants in planning and delivery, including:

Modernising Victoria’s public sector residential aged care

We’re modernising public residential aged care, with over $318 million of aged care projects and grants in planning and delivery, including the:

Our partners

" "

We work with organisations with specialist expertise in health service design and planning, architecture, engineering, construction, project management, property, and asset management to deliver world-class, innovative and sustainable health infrastructure.

Want to work with us? Find out more about our procurement process.

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Video transcript

IMAGES: an animation of the Victorian Health Building Authority logo displays

Voice-over: We’re the Victorian Health Building Authority

IMAGES: montage of aerial view of Monash Hospital emergency department redevelopment; an architectural plan; mental health workers exploring a prototype of a bedroom module; aerial of Sunshine Hospital emergency department; construction workers cementing basement of Victorian Heart Hospital

Voice-over: We’re planning and delivering the Victorian Government’s biggest ever multi-billion-dollar investment in health infrastructure

IMAGES: montage of hybrid operating theatre at Northern Hospital; worker with nail gun; community engagement session at Footscray; Community Hospital community consultation; garden courtyard at Bendigo Hospital; aerial of greater Ballarat with artist impression of new hospital

Voice-over: Partnering with service providers, industry and the community to develop innovative and sustainable health facilities for our growing communities.

IMAGES: montage of workers at concrete pour; aerial of Victorian Heart Hospital construction

Voice-over: Creating thousands of new jobs and supporting our state’s economic growth

IMAGES: Aerial of St George’s Residential Aged Care facility; indigenous man and female health worker; aerial view of artist impression of new Footscray Hospital

Voice-over: To help keep Victoria one of the world's most liveable places, now and into the future

A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority logo and the web address

Final frame of Victoria State Government logo and text ‘Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne’

End of transcript.

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