Recorded webinar: Ambulance Victoria Morwell - Online community information session

This online community information session discussed the new Ambulance Victoria branch proposed to be located on English Street in Morwell.

19 January 2022

5.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Online information session – registration required

About this event

Attendees heard from the Ambulance Victoria team about how ambulance branches operate in residential areas, including information on safety, ambulance speed limits and the use of lights and sirens. 

Information was provided about the proposed location, what the new branch will look like and what will be involved in the planning and construction. 

Submissions about the proposed new ambulance branch closed on 2 February 2022 and will be provided to Latrobe City Council for consideration.

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Recorded webinar: Ambulance Victoria Morwell - Online community information session

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Linda Vo, Director, Communications and Engagement


Information on proposed branch

Kathryn Shaw, Principal Project Manager


Selecting the location and safety

Ross Salathiel, Gippsland Regional Director
Ambulance Victoria


Questions and answers

The Victorian Government has committed around $249 million since 2015-16 to upgrade and rebuild ambulance stations across the state.

This investment provides better working conditions for paramedics and ensure lifesaving emergency care is available for all Victorians.

Learn more about the Ambulance Victoria development program via our dedicated program page.

Proposed location for the Morwell Ambulance Victoria branch

The proposed ambulance branch location and indicative proposed residential lot layout in accordance with Latrobe City Council Morwell North West Development Plan.

Where will the new branch be located?

The new Ambulance Victoria (AV) branch is proposed to be built on English Street in Morwell.

What is the scope of the new AV branch in Morwell?

The new AV Morwell branch will include:

  • nine ambulance bays
  • eight rest and recline areas
  • training facilities
  • a fully-equipped kitchen
  • improved security and carparking.

The branch will hold up to approximately 20 Ambulance Victoria staff per shift.

Why is a new AV branch needed in Morwell? Why can’t the existing site be redeveloped?

Morwell is the busiest Ambulance Victoria branch in the Gippsland region.

Ambulance Victoria attended 13,538 events in the Latrobe City local government area in 2021, with Morwell-based crews attending 6,899, or just over half, of those cases.

The proposed English Street site will provide improved amenity and functionality for Ambulance Victoria crews. It has been selected to allow the best possible response times to the needs of the Morwell community.

The existing site at the corner of Spry Street and McDonald Street is not large enough to be redeveloped to accommodate the required nine ambulance bays and eight rest and recline area – and meet future service needs of the local community.

How was the site on English Street selected?

The location of each ambulance branch is carefully selected to ensure the best coverage of ambulance services for the community.

In addition to the availability of land and the allocated budget, there are a number of factors that are considered and guided by Ambulance Victoria.

Historical case data is mapped out to show the ideal location for a new branch. The site must also be large enough to provide sufficient space for building and parking – and to allow for future development as the needs of the community increase over time.

The proposed location on English Street has been mapped against emergency case locations to ensure optimal response times are achievable.

How will the ambulance branch at Morwell be used?

Ambulance Victoria branches serve as a respite area for paramedics between callouts, a garage to house and manage ambulance vehicles and as an administrative base for paramedics.

The types of activities that will be undertaken at the new AV Morwell branch include:

  • administrative tasks associated with management of the branch and patients that have been transported to and from hospital
  • restocking of ambulance vehicles
  • accepting delivery of goods and collection of goods, such as general waste.

Is it safe to operate ambulances in residential streets?

Paramedics undertake an extensive low-risk driver training program for both routine and emergency driving.

The vast majority of work that Ambulance Victoria does is responding to medical episodes of patients in residential communities. Paramedics are comfortable and familiar with driving in and around residential areas.

Even in urgent situations, paramedics are trained to approach all situations with caution and in a safe manner. They will take all appropriate care while driving.

Will vehicles be driving at high speed past the local school?

Ambulance Victoria crews are experienced operating in residential school zone areas. No emergency vehicle is exempt from obeying speed limits in school or roadwork zones. They are still required to slow to 40 km/h as per the law.

When are lights and/or sirens used?

The lights and sirens on ambulance vehicles are used for approximately half of all cases. Paramedics will generally only use one or both when conditions require them for safe vehicle egress and public safety.

Ambulance lights can be used independently of the sirens. The sirens are generally turned on only when necessary to warn other road users once the vehicle has left the branch. Sirens are generally not used in residential streets, especially at night.

What are typical vehicle movements?

This varies from day to day. However, often paramedics do not return to the branch in between cases.

When will the proposed new AV Morwell branch open?

If plans are approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), it is expected construction will begin in mid-2022 and be completed by late 2023.

Will vehicles impact on the surrounding car parking facilities?

No. All vehicles attending the branch will be parked on the branch grounds or in designated parking areas. The branch will be designed to provide ample parking onsite for all staff working from the branch.

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