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Hospitals 09 October 2018

Introducing the new Bendigo Hospital

The new Bendigo Hospital is the largest regional infrastructure development Victoria’s history.

At $630 million, it’s the biggest ever investment in the region’s healthcare – and one that stands as a brilliant example of how technology, design and community consultation can together create a hospital ready for growth – now, and into the future.

Built over two stages, the new hospital was delivered through a highly successful public-private-partnership with the Victorian Government, Bendigo Health and the Exemplar Health consortium.

Learn more about the Bendigo Hospital via our dedicated project page.


[IMAGES: Many angles of the Bendigo Hospital’s enormous façade are shown, with its many balconies and terraces. A large tree is shown in the hospital’s sunlit atrium. We are shown a leafy courtyard with lots of ferns and shrubs. An onscreen fact says 46 landscaped gardens and terraces.]

Bendigo Hospital is Australia’s first, world-class regional hospital. It’s the result of years of wide-ranging consultation, planning and construction. Build next to the old hospital, the new hospital is 60 per cent bigger and better equipped to serve its region, one that takes in a full quarter of Victoria’s total land mass. Everywhere you look you’ll see the smart design and clever thinking that’s put the patient and the community at the heart of this remarkable hospital. Bendigo Hospital’s eye-catching design creates peaceful, healing spaces that feature natural dappled light, lush landscaped gardens, and places to sit, talk and recover. Surrounded by courtyards and terraces, the facility brings ‘the outside in’. 

[IMAGES: We are shown a mural of Aboriginal artwork, a courtyard with a stylish pergola, and a stone water feature.] 

The local Aboriginal and Chinese communities were involved in shaping the design and function of dedicated spaces that reflect the deep cultural heritage these communities share in Bendigo. Even the smallest details have been thought through. 

[IMAGES: A two-storey bridge is shown with windows on either side. We are shown the roof of the Bendigo Hospital, covered with solar panels.]

Internal stairs and bridges are not only a design feature but maximise space and make finding your way around simple and intuitive. Bendigo Hospital boasts impressive green credentials. It’s the first energy-efficient, sustainable and future-ready facility with uninterrupted power supply and a tri-generation plant providing instantaneous electricity, cooling and heating. The hospital’s roof is home to the largest array of solar panels in the southern hemisphere. This emphasis on sustainability won the hospital two Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2017. 

[IMAGES: We are shown a radiotherapy machine, a nurse using a touch screen monitoring system, a woman using a touch screen information kiosk, and a screen next to a hospital bed displaying a selection of movies.]

The most technically advanced regional hospital in Australia, Bendigo Hospital features a host of innovations. Digital medical records, a sophisticated nurse call system, real time locating of equipment, multiple audiovisual screens displaying information for both patients and staff, and bedside patient entertainment units that allow them to order meals or view their own health information. 

[IMAGES: People in scrubs and hair nets watch surgeons operate on a patient through an observation window. A large, private hospital room with a big window is shown.]
Of course, patient care is at the heart of every hospital and Bendigo Hospital sets a new standard with bigger wards and more single rooms. 

[IMAGES: A fast time-lapse montage of the Bendigo Hospital being built from the ground up. A group of people in hard hats and high-vis vests stands on a helipad on the roof of the hospital, talking. We are shown a father stroking his newborn baby’s head. Then a modern, light-filled atrium with high ceilings is shown. We are then shown a flat, box-shaped robot carrying a large crate into an elevator.]

Bendigo Hospital continues to be a real source of pride in the area, creating employment opportunities and vital community partnerships throughout the broader Loddon Mallee region. The Bendigo Hospital project has been recognised as a leading example of successful public-private partnerships. The collaboration between Exemplar Health, the Victorian Government and Bendigo Health resulted in high level of planning and design excellence, and one that’s allowed Bendigo Health to focus on delivering the best quality care to patients. At $630 million, it’s the biggest ever investment in the region’s health care, and one that stands as a brilliant example of how technology, design and community consultation can together create a hospital ready for growth now, and into the future.

[IMAGES: The façade of the Bendigo Hospital is shown. The screen fades to white and text appears which says: ‘Produced in partnership with Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Victoria State Government. Additional footage provided by NDY’. The next screen says: ‘Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority, Victorian State Government, vhhsba.vic.gov.au’. The next screen says: ‘Authorised by the Department of Health and Human Services 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Spoken by B. Alexander’.]

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