Medical equipment and engineering upgrade announced for Geelong University Hospital
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Hospitals 08 April 2019

Medical equipment and engineering upgrade announced for Geelong University Hospital

Geelong University Hospital has been awarded more than $4.7 million to upgrade life-saving equipment and engineering infrastructure, ensuring that the hospital’s doctors and nurses have the latest cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

The investment is part of the Victorian Government’s Medical Equipment Replacement and Engineering Infrastructure Replacement programs which have awarded grants to 15 hospitals and health services across the state.

Operated by Barwon Health, Geelong University Hospital was allocated more than $3 million for six medical equipment items including a cardiac catheterisation laboratory, radiographic/fluoroscopic unit, cardiac scanning system, two heart lung units and a wireless digital X-ray machine.

The engineering upgrades, worth $1.7 million, consist of an improved air handling unit in the south wing and upgrades to patient lifts in the central core of the hospital.

Investing in hospital engineering infrastructure and medical equipment replacement

The Victorian Government has committed a total of $60 million to provide life-saving equipment and vital facilities for hospitals via the two grant programs, with $35 million funding for the Medical Equipment Replacement Program and $25 million for the Engineering Infrastructure Replacement Program, both announced in the 2018-19 State Budget.

The programs are focussed on replacing existing end-of-life, critical and high-risk assets essential to maintaining life and safety within public hospitals. Equipment includes mammography units, fluoroscopy units, digital X-ray machines and gamma cameras. Infrastructure projects will cover key facilities such as sprinkler systems, patient lifts, air handling units and hot water systems.

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Last updated: 08 April 2019