The new Eltham ambulance branch has officially opened its doors!
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Ambulance branch 31 August 2018

The new Eltham ambulance branch has officially opened its doors!

The purpose-built facility features four ambulance bays, four rest and recline rooms, a large training space, and off-street parking for staff. Home to 40 paramedics, the new Eltham Ambulance Branch will help to meet increasing demand from within the growing Eltham community.

Works are also powering ahead of schedule on the new Diamond Creek Ambulance Branch, with construction now due to be complete at the end of 2018.

The new branch features a spacious and functional garage, rest and recline areas, training room, bedrooms, and modern amenities – supporting paramedics to respond more quickly to emergencies in Melbourne’s north-east.

To find out more about both of these projects visit our Ambulance Victoria Capital Upgrades Project page.


Text: A partial slide header with the Ambulance Victoria logo

IMAGES: This video in its entirety is a sped up time lapse presentation of the complete construction process of the Eltham Ambulance branch from beginning to end.

It commences with ground clearing of the site, the laying of the concrete slab, erection of metal framework and then the fixing of walls and façade. The final frames depict concreting of the driveway and erection of sheltered carparking, then ambulances driving in and out of the completed facility.

A sliding transition screen then displays the Ambulance Victoria logo together with the web address

End of transcript

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Last updated: 31 August 2018