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Hospitals 26 June 2023

Welcome to VHBA In Brief

Welcome to the latest Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) newsletter, VHBA In Brief.

We'd first like to announce our new CEO, Meg Bourke-O'Neil. She has more than 20 years of experience in the public, corporate and non-for-profit sectors in strategy, delivery and reform.

Meg says: ‘My previous roles have included as Deputy Secretary in the transport departments of the Victorian and New South Wales public services and Deputy Chair of the Australia and New Zealand Public Transport Association'.

Earlier in her career she worked in human services in Victoria in the not-for-profit sector, Child Protection and Social Housing.

Speaking of taking the CEO role at VHBA, she says: ‘The opportunity to say, ‘the healthcare of tomorrow, we are building today’ is something I feel a deep connection of purpose to.’

Also in this issue of VHBA In Brief, find out about our latest project milestones and explore:

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Co-designing for better mental health

Each year, around one in five Victorians will experience mental health challenges.

This means we may all be impacted at some point. Whether directly, or indirectly, as a friend, family member, carer or supporter.

While not all people will need acute support such as a mental health bed, some will.

The Victorian Government’s Mental Health Beds Expansion Program is providing additional support for people experiencing acute mental health challenges who require immediate treatment.

The program engaged people with lived and living experience, carers, supporters and health workers as equal partners.

Read how different perspectives inform design.

The Victorian Government is delivering mental health beds across Victoria

Text on screen: The Victorian Government is investing $492 million to deliver 120 new mental health beds across Victoria.

IMAGES: Time lapse footage of a module being constructed from frame-work through to finished construction

Text on screen: The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System recommended involving a diverse range of voices in the design process for these new beds

IMAGES: A montage of views of the prototype module from the outside, then inside with visitors assessing the facilities

Text on screen: including people with lived experience of mental illness, their carers and mental health services and workers.

IMAGES: close ups of visitors discussing the facility’s fit-out

Text on screen: To achieve this we provided tours of a full-scale prototype of a mental health bedroom and ensuite

IMAGES: Visitors checking light fittings, furnishings and taps within the prototype

Text on screen: then captured the thoughts and impressions of our prototype visitors through an online survey.

IMAGES: Visitors filling out an online review form on their phones post-visit

Text on screen: Visitors gained a first-hand experience of how the room will look and feel

IMAGES: A visitor group checking the dimensions of the module, and a slow pan around the bedroom area

Text on screen: and shared opinions on elements including safety features, furnishings and privacy.

IMAGES: Visitor examining a shuttered window, then a group talking with one of the module’s architects

Text on screen: This form of community engagement is just one of the ways we’re designing the ideal environment for recovery and wellbeing.

IMAGES: Visitors discussing the prototype, then a final external shot of the prototype module.

Images: A transition slide shows the text ‘In partnership with Mental Health Reform Victoria (logo), then the closing slide is the Victorian Health Building Authority logo, the web address vhba.vic.gov.au and the Victoria State Government logo. 

End of transcript.

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In the spotlight

Victorian Heart Hospital helipad has lift off

Seconds count when someone is in cardiac distress. That’s why Australia’s first standalone, specialist cardiac hospital has a state-of-the-art rooftop helipad.

The helipad at the Victorian Heart Hospital is now operational after Air Ambulance Victoria completed a series of test take-offs and landings.

The helipad will play a vital role in providing faster emergency care and safer transport of critically ill patients. Around three cardiac patients will arrive by helicopter each week from all over Victoria.

Learn more about the helipad

The helipad at Australia's first standalone, specialist cardiac hospital is now in operation

IMAGES: An image of Victorian Heart Hospital, with a helicopter flying overhead in the distance, towards the helipad 

Text on screen: The helipad at Australia’s first standalone, specialist cardiac hospital is now in operation.

IMAGES: an aerial view of the helipad; a closeup of a helicopter arriving at the helipad, preparing to land; a helicopter landing 

Text on screen: The helipad will support emergency transport of critically ill patients to and from the Victorian Heart Hospital.

VOICE-OVER: Having a direct facility like this that the helicopter can land on top of,

IMAGES: Paramedic Andy McKenzie is interviewed in front of the helicopter

Text on screen: Andy McKenzie, Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Flight Paramedic, Air Ambulance Victoria

VOICE-OVER: there's no doubt this is gonna save lives.

IMAGES: time-lapse footage of the helipad being constructed

VOICE-OVER: Regional cardiac patients are gonna have direct access to the only designated

IMAGES: aerial view of the helipad; a helicopter flying in the sky

VOICE-OVER: heart hospital in Australia, and it obviously,

IMAGES: Paramedic Andy McKenzie is interviewed in front of the helicopter

Text on screen: Andy McKenzie, MICA Flight Paramedic, Air Ambulance Victoria

VOICE-OVER: it means that they're gonna get the care they need in a really timely fashion.

IMAGES: the helicopter approaches the helipad

VOICE-OVER: We're expecting around 12 patients a month that will benefit from this service.

IMAGES: the helicopter approaches the helipad

VOICE-OVER: Every day is pretty different. Uh, and I'm not in behind a desk.

IMAGES: a montage of close-ups of the helicopter and a paramedic

VOICE-OVER: I have an enormous appreciation for going out and meeting people in all sorts

IMAGES: Paramedic Andy McKenzie is interviewed in front of the helicopter

Text on screen: Andy McKenzie, MICA Flight Paramedic, Air Ambulance Victoria

VOICE-OVER: of facets of their daily lives, and I love that

IMAGES: the camera pans across the helicopter on the helipad

VOICE-OVER: I can't predict what my day is gonna be.

IMAGES: Paramedic Andy McKenzie is interviewed in front of the helicopter

Text on screen: Andy McKenzie, MICA Flight Paramedic, Air Ambulance Victoria

IMAGES: the helicopter taking off; the helicopter flying in the sky

IMAGES: A screen displays a white background with three logos – Monash University, Monash Health and Ambulance Victoria. A sliding transition screen then displays the Victorian Health Building Authority and Victoria State Government logos and the web address vhba.vic.gov.au

End of transcript. 

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In case you missed it

Illustration of community members engaging with a VHBA project

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