Introducing your new Footscray Hospital - video
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Hospitals 22 July 2021

Introducing your new Footscray Hospital - video

The Victorian Government has provided up to $1.5 billion to deliver a new Footscray Hospital – the largest ever health infrastructure investment in the State.

Video transcript

IMAGES: Aerial shots of the new Footscray Hospital 3D artist impression are seen placed within the site amid surrounding arterial roads and houses

Text on screen: Introducing your new Footscray Hospital!

IMAGES: we move across the front of the artist impression, where ‘Emergency Department entrance’ and ‘Main entrance’ are sign posted

IMAGES: we follow a car driving up the entrance ramp of the hospital, then a series of artist impression montages of the main reception area; ‘Hospital Street’, an enclosed walkway containing cafes and other facilities; and the ‘Village Green’, a large open park in the centre of the hospital campus.

Text on screen: Your new Footscray Hospital – set to open in 2025

IMAGES: we see the artist designed new hospital from a high aerial perspective, at dusk

A screen displays partnership logos and text ‘In partnership with Western Health (logo) Plenary Health (logo)

End frame of Victorian Health Building Authority logo and web address


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Last updated: 22 July 2021